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  1. wow i hate the colar..what team has it straight across like chocking the player..there horrible..liked last years better..the black is pretty nice though but cant see them wearing black shoulda done like a blue and lime green

  2. yea i got to say Maresca is a great pickup guy is very good technically and brings plenty of quality..but i dont think you needed another player of that positon as some of the other positions..dudu is your best player so where is this guy really fittin in..but yea great signing

  3. Sorry Drakos gotta side with NikosVazelas i agree with u about Mellburg theres no doubt hes gunna help tremendously but Antzas is now gone along with other solid players Mellburg is only takin Antzas spot..what about the other positions..and now that Kovacevic had a heartattack they have only 3 fowards i believe..

  4. hahaha im always on panathinaikos tranfer page and didnt notice how weak the fags in red transfer page is..2 pages?..panatha has 24 (maybe were just obsessed) then again you guys didnt sign cisse or take leto from your rivals :box: :box:

    anyway i felt bad that you guys have no rumors and heard today that you guys are tryna get Jozy Altidore either on loan from villareal or straight up buy him from them..didnt get the details but hes not bad goodluck i guess

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