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  1. Yea, Percy Olivares tried out a couple years ago with the Dallas Burn, now FC Dallas. I remember clearly being surprised because I liked the guy, and apparently he just never made the cut and is cleaning toilets in a Dallas public elementary school now... :LOL: :LOL:
  2. Damn I'm jealous of all of you. I've been to 2 and they're both in the same city: Boston :lol: One of em doesn't exist anymore either Foxboro Stadium- Greece/Argentina '94 <_< Gillette Stadium - USA/Holland, New England/Los Angeles (MLS Final), Barcelona/Juventus (Last year), and soon New England/Sporting Lisbon...I'll make sure to find a way to make Fernando Santos feel at home :whistle: I really need to get back to Europe eh... -_-
  3. OK, so when he left why did he go to OFSP instead of a better league like Serie A which would cement a spot for him on the NT and keep him at a high level of play? Who knows, he could've actually gotten past the first round of CL if he had gone to Milan... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. If he were a real player he'd be playing in Western Europe. What good Brazilian would leave Barcelona to come to Greece at 20something years old? AND NOT GO BACK AT ANY POINT!! None, especially one that was on his national team's radar. I'm not knacking his skill cus he sure as hell has plenty of it, and sure he can score and he's done it consistenly this year, but he's glorified as if he's the best thing since sliced-bread, which he isn't. The best players perform when it matters, not against shite minnow teams. He sucks CONSISTENTLY in the CL and only plays up to par against Paniliakos and whatnot which pose no threat or challenge to him. If he were a good central attacking midfielder he'd score when his team really needed him. For example, Basinas sits back much farther in midfield than Gio does and still gets it done in the clutch: Fener and Rangers...
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