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  1. With Frankfurt ahead 1-0 and fighting to avoid relegation, Gekas had TWO chances in the final 20 mins against Bayern Munich, one with his head and one with his feet, both times all alone and he blew it. The commentators could not believe he missed two easy chances. As fate would have it, Bayern Munich gets awarded a questionable penalty in the 89' and Gomez puts it in to tie the game. Gekas could have moved up into 2nd place in Bundesliga scoring and put his team ahead to earn 3 points and move out of religation. Instead he has probably lost the faith of his coach and team and may have sent his team down.

    No Tzavellas or Amanatidis in the game, I hope Gekas gets a chance to make up for his poor performance and make a better showing of Greek talent.

  2. I saw the match from the 20 min mark, and I too tried to observe as an impartial "scout".

    "SOKRATIS" (as his jersey reads) played well, in fact even the FOX commentator seemed to be impressed with the first half. Sokratis was on the right side of a three man defensive line, and was against MUTU until aprox. the 80' when MUTU was substituted. The Fiorentina attack were trying to exploit Sokratis' side, but he kept his ground well, eventhough it was obvious in the 2nd half Fiorentina turned up the heat on Sokratis.

    He looked a bit raw, but maybe more a lack of fitness/1st team experience. He closed down space well, never was beaten wide, or when dribbled at. He did seem a bit out of controll in the air, almost rag-doll-like in his arial challenges.

    I think overall, he had a good showing, and the fact he made his Serie A debut against a good team like Fiorentina tells me that his manager believes in him as well.

  3. Moras' newly promoted Bologna side, defeats AC Milan 2-1. Bologna lead 1-0 as well. AC Milan had a ridiculous amount of possesion, but could not finish. Moras played well, considering the entire defence had an aire of desperation about it with the pressure of Ronaldinho, Shevchinko, Pato(60' sub), Pirlo, Seedorf, Inzaghi et all.

    Nice to see an Ellina perform on such a big stage, I hope we see more.

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