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  1. Home2US is going to release a new receiver soon for the Greek channel platform. DKSat
  2. Up till Karamalis was the prime minster all the Greek tv / Radio stations and news papers were getting millions off Euros as a kick backs from the Greek government, till Karamalis put a stop to all that and now you see tv channels going to chapter 11 and news papers closeting down. They have run the KOUMPARA bone dry. DKSat
  3. HellasHab, Come down nothing will be shutting down in the US or Canada,Home2US is doing good they have about 5.000 subs now and still adding more. DKSat
  4. Addynia, The OpenBox S10 does supports the IRDETO Conditional Access card. DKSat
  5. The HD receiver need to be MPEG4 with a IRDETO (CA) Conditional Access slot to work with the IRDETO card. What HD receiver you are looking at to see if it will work with IRDETO card?? DKSat
  6. With the Greek channel packages there is no money to be made any longer, the programing has gone down same old shows and reruns and the monthly prices keep going up. In the near future the only Greek channel that will be broadcasting Internationally will be ANT1 they were the first ones to go Internationally and they will be the first one to last , they are in a stable satellite platform and there price is right. DKSat
  7. The channels are still unencrypted, there are customers that there smart card did not yet got activated do to the hi volume of subscription activations. DKSat
  8. Great news. Home2us is now offering DVR receivers to there customers for the Greek package. DKSat
  9. Home2us will encrypted all the channels on the Greek Package at SES 101 w this Saturday you will need a smart cart and a subscription to view the channels. DKSat
  10. RIK Sat , ERT World , STAR International , ERA Sport are up on Home2US Mega Cosmos is now encrypted on Home2US if you are using a FTA receiver If you are using the Euro World receiver Mega Cosmos , RIK Sat , STAR Int are open ERT World is encrypted on the Euro World receiver. DKSat
  11. The channels on Home2us at SES 101 they will be broadcasting on the new MPEG 4 - H264 platform with Irdeto encryption . It will be chipper to buy the Euro-World receiver then any other receiver out there with a smart card slot. DKSat
  12. When they encrypted Mega you can not watch it on a FTA receiver you can watch the channels only if you sub to them. The Free Preview for Mega Cosmos will end within 2 weeks. DKSat
  13. Grk101, The picture on my receiver is normal on Mega there is no cut off on top. Try checking the settings on the receiver. 1, Menu 2 2, User Setting 3, A/V Output 4, Screen Mode These are my receiver settings . Screen Mode 16:9 TV Aspect Radio Ignore TV Type NTSC Audio Mode PCM Audio Delay No Delay If the settings are the same as mine then there is no way that's a Satellite issue it is a receiver issue. Or try and go to Tools and do a System Reset. DKSat
  14. Antenna Prime is up on Dish Network. Antenna Blue and Antenna 20 Years are gone. DKSat
  15. I have being tasting the receiver now for 4 days it work fine very good Video through the Audio and Video cables and super good Video through the HDMI. The menu i very nice and easy to go through very fast channel changing , The Invacom Quad LNBF works fine on both platforms Home2us and Directv i had both receiver working at the same time strong signal on both satellites. The receive is TV PLUS SAT-8000HD. The LNBF is INVACOM Quad 4Q/P DKSat
  16. I am testing the new receiver and the Quad LNBF for Home2us / Greek tv America package on SES 101.W The receiver is HIGH DEFINITION with Irdeto Embedded for the smart card. Fully Compliant MPEG-4 DVB-S/S2 S/PDIF for Dolby Digital Audio Output Various Video Display Format With 720p/1080i Support Video Aspect with 4.3, Letter Box, Full Screen and 16.9 Support Electronic Program Guide. Nice Remote. 1, HDMI 1, Composite Video out 1, Audio and Video out 1, USB 1, LNB in 1.LNB out The LNB is a Quad with 4 Outputs 2 for the Home2us receiver and 2 for the Directv rec
  17. There some issues going on with ERT World and Dish Network i hope ERT and Dish Network work things out . DKSat
  18. Yes you can connect a second receiver , take the cable that is going to the second receiver and connected to the fist receive from LOOP OUT and then go in to second receiver menu, installation, dish setting , and turn the LNB POWER OFF. Remember if you going to use the second receiver as primary receiver you need to turn the LNB POWER ON. Good Luck, DKSat
  19. Mega has a very big following no meter were they move people will subscribe to them. Mega Greece and Mega Cosmos are two different companys DKSat
  20. I have Verizon FIOS 15/5 over 2 years they do not have usage caps.
  21. Deutche Welle and ERT World are both on FTA on C-Band Satellite for North /South America, the choice is up to the individual if you like to receive the channels FTA you need to spend the cash on C-Band satellite equipment, or get the satellite equipment for free from Dish Network and pay for the channels. DKSat
  22. This is the latest news. ERT World is not going to Home2us Platform it will stay on Dish Network. DKSat
  23. ERT world is no longer testing on SES 1 at 101.0 w Home2US platform there is just color bars there now but Mega is up. DKSat
  24. The price on the Greek Channel Packages are going to be reasonable i can not post the details yet wait till GMC make the announcement. ERT World is FTA for now i do not know what's going to happen in the future. There is to much negativity going on with this new Greek Channel platform on the forum i do not know what you guys want. We need to give it a chance to survive otherwise the channels will go away. Satellite dish Note: Remove the Directv 101w LNB and replace it with the 95w LNB . Another words SWAP around the 2 LNBS and use only the 95w LNB that is now on the 101w location.
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