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  1. The guy gets the team to the last 16 of Europe's most prestigious club tournament by bringing in a winning mentality, they are favorites to win the greek cup and are one point adrift from first. Funny, I thought only Panathinaikos singed a lot of Argentineans, fired their coaches for inexplicable reasons and did well in the champions league? Someone should tell Kokkalis that by going green they meant becoming environmentally friendly.
  2. Samaras is good and has only shown glimpses of his potential. Most of the time he's just too nervous, same with Gekas and Tavlaridis (I'm refering to his national team play, not club). They just need to get those jitters out of them. Amanatidis doesn't seem to be too involved in most of our games, infact I think hes touched the ball once and it was way back against Denmark when he had a half decent chance to score. He just needs more time to play, hopefully he will against England since it's his last chance to prove what he's about. I wouldn't go as far as calling him the future of our offence, but he is a promising player for the role.
  3. hey it was playing him or BWP, Pearce did what made sense, Samaras with a swollen knee is better than that guy. City don't have very good forwards, atleast not consistent ones. Every game in England you can tear a ligament, besides it's not Pearces fault, Samaras needs to wise up a bit, if you have a swollen knew it is up to you in the end to decide whether or not you should play, no one is putting a gun to his head. I think Pearce is the right coach for Samaras, and will bring out the best in him. Anyways lucky things didn't turnout worse, and hopefully he will recover.
  4. I haven't seen Seitaridis play for Dinamo, but I haven't heard anything good. Hopefully things will work out with Samaras. He's playing on a good team, they trounced newcastle today. The english game is very physical and very fast paced, just look at Vessels goal, the ball was in city's end and 2 seconds later it's in newcastle's net.
  5. Actually second, Seitaridis got transfered for 10 mil. Not bad though, I'm surprised Hereveen actually got Man city to fork over that much, especially over a raw unproven talent like Samaras. Fans are going to have high expectations of him, hope he can play at those expectations. Good luck Samaras.
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