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  1. free games at freegrevents.gr or iamwog.com or extemegreece.com freegrevents.gr is mine..im in tv only..my site is hosted with the others now
  2. hello. there are some problems with some of the internet lines..untill everything get fixed you can enjoy for free freegrevents.GR. username: freegr password:events the sport channels work good..the other channels needs to get fixed.. so you can enjoy sports and tv for free for some weeks or months. thank you
  3. you dont need visa or anything..just your ID. you can live and work in any european country you want and you will have the same rights about jobs etc with the other people. i heard that if you go to one other european country and they dont give you a job becoz your not from their country, you can go to the european court of law etc so none company takes a risk about that. thrilossalonica
  4. i will open the freegr account before the games at a random time so if someone is lucky he will get in free. thnx
  5. i see that you visit my forum often thnx for letting people know :)
  6. to parapanw link to ebala gia test.opws blepeis to link tou forum tou freegrevents to exoun blockarismeno.. an mpeis sto forum mou tha deis gia ton agwna. thnx
  7. it works fine for me..im in holidays so im not always online to start one channel which stopped... thnx
  8. no worries i will fix it..apla eimai diakopes..tha to kanw otan gyrisw ;)
  9. ok eimai diakopes twra.tha to koitaksw..den ftaiei i uperfortwsi pantos.dont worry..kapoio problima me to encoding..tha to koitaksw ;) des simera kai pes mou..to ekana restart..an exei pali buffer tha to koitaksw ksana
  10. click here: http://z15.invisionfree.com/freegreventsyou need to register
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