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  1. Satellite: SES 1 at 101.0 w Satellite providers: Home2US platform. MEGA COSMOS IS UPPPPP. Frequency 11860 H 30.000 is up. DKSat
  2. How to receive Home2US platform from SES 1 at 101.0 w with the existing Directv International dish. 1, Swap out the Directv 101 w LNB with the 95 w LNB 2, Remove the cable wires from splitter switch that go in to Directv receivers 3, Connect the cable wire to the LNB that is now looking at SES 1 at 101.0 w 4, If you have a FTA receiver connect the cable wire that is now connected with the Directv receiver. 5, Go to the FTA receiver installation menu inter Frequency 11860 H 30.000 and scan the transponder check for signal and quality if the quality signal is low try to move the dish left and right to get the highest quality signal. NOTE : Only do this if you cancel the American programing for Directv. ERT world is FTA DKSat
  3. Satellite: SES 1 at 101.0 w Satellite providers: Home2US platform. ERT world is up Frequency 11860 H 30.000 is up
  4. Satellite: SES 1 at 101.0 w Satellite providers: Home2US platform. Frequency 11860 H 30.000 is up and testing with a very strong signal. Mega Cosmos will be the first Channel to go up very very SOON, DKSat
  5. <>When I said that it was a done deal in my previous post you guys were double guessing me look for adds to start soon on home2us or Euro-world Network which is parent of home2us. I personal thing they should have done this long time ago most of the Greeks a good 80% of them want a package like that of 5-6 Greek channels with the cost of 30-40 dollars and a receiver w/ off air antenna to get free locals because with to days economy people cannot afford the 150-200 dollars a month bills. I have been reading all your posts on this issue and most of you have been trying to bring something good on the table for the well of all of us that want to see good Greek tv in the USA and Canada. Tomorrow I will have more info on how you can re-point your direct tv dish since directv only wants the receivers back and not the dish also prices receivers etc. DKSat
  6. Yes we can have different views but i can not predict what is going to happen to the new platform, i am not always 100% thing change by the minute with the Greek channels. Don't be surprise if Antenna / Alpha move to Home2us in the future. ERA5, ERA Sport, and NET 105.8 will be available on Home2us DKSat
  7. Harlem_reporter, Sorry i do not project i just report the Satellite news to the forum, and if you have a problem with that i just stop reporting and move on. DKSat
  8. Gang 3171 welcome to the Phantis Forum. Greek Media Group now has the distributing rights and marketing for all this Greek Channels for North America. Mega Cosmos Alter Globe ERT World Star Channel RIK Sat GMTV DKSat
  9. Home2US start testing today on Satellite SES 1 at 101.0 w. DKSat
  10. ERT World will continue on Dish Network. These days there so much going on you have IPTV, Satellite, Cable, Telcos I phones no channel sings exclusive rights with one provider. DKSat
  11. Ellas TV, Good luck on the new IPTV platform wishing you all the success, you have all of are support. Best regard, DKSat
  12. The new Greek Channel Package will be on the Home2US platform on satellite SES 1 at 101.0 w and it is not a IPTV. The Greek Channel Package will start on April 1 2011 the deal is DONE. DKSat
  13. IPTV 2 channels for $30.00and $200 for the IP receiver they are dreaming DKSat
  14. Some of the info on my first post is not accurate . The American programming will be from Directv this is a OPTION ONLY if you want American programing. Existing Directv customers that now have the Greek Channels and American programing. the only thing is to re-point the existing Directv International dish to SES 1 at 101.0 w and swap out the LNBF so it will work for both Satellite providers. Satellite: SES 1 at 101.0 w Satellite providers: Home2US platform. American programing: Directv this is a option. Satellite Directv 45/8 at 101.0 w Satellite Dish: Directv International Dish or 30" to 33" (75cm) KU Dish Receiver:MPEG-2 and DVB-S standards with Smart card Price per month: ??????????? DKSat
  15. likos i said that American programming with movies sports and basic packages will be available and also local channels. Also my information is that Ant 1 contract with dish is up they are no longer in contract with dish. DKSat
  16. There is going to be a new Greek Channel Package Platform to start on a domestic KU Satellite with 6 Greek channels. The name of the satellite and the name of the Platform and Pricing will be announce SOON is not Directv or Dish Network and there will be American Packages available including Movies and PPV. The platform will have the following Greek Channels Mega Cosmos ERT World Alter Globe Star Channel RIK Sat GMTV It will be nice if Antenna and Alpha will join the new Platform so we do not have two different satellite providers for the Greek Channels. DKSat
  17. The writing was on the wall from the day DirecTV stop taking new subscribers for the Greek package. Lets hope they get a deal soon with one of the satellite provider for all 3 channels Mega/Alter/GMTV DKSat
  18. The contract for Mega /Alter/ Gmtv will expire on Mar. 31 , If Greek Media Group be able to negotiate a new contract with directv the will stay there other wise Mega Cosmos will go to dish network. As for Alter and Gmtv things look very grim if they do not get a new contract with Directv. DKSat
  19. Mega Cosmos and Alter Globe contract with Directv was to expire on March 31. DKSat
  20. In the US Efialths stnv Kouzina is on Thursdays at 8:45 pm eastern time DKSat
  21. GREEK: ELITE $24.99 The Greek Elite Pack is a comprehensive non-stop 24 hour entertainment package which offers 10 fantastic Greek channels broadcasting a variety of news, popular series, talk shows, documentaries, classic films, sports, and children's programming directly from Greece. New Customers CALL NOW: 1-888-473-3588 ALPHA SAT 586 ANTENNA 20 YEARS CHANNEL 589 ANTENNA RADIO 911 ANTENNA SATELLITE 605 BLUE 588 ERA-5 915 ERA-SPORT 916 ERT WORLD 603 NET 105.8 914 RYTHMOS RADIO 912 SUPER SPORT FM 913 www.dishnetwork.com/international/Greek/default.aspx?lang=Greek DKSat
  22. UBI World is transmitting Alter Globe and Mega Cosmos to North America via Fiber Optics direct to Directv up ling center in LA California . Alpha Sat is transmit by Fiber Optics to Dish Network via Germany The Antenna channels and ERT World are transmit to Dish Network via Satellite over the Atlantic Crossing. DKSat
  23. Alpha is up on Dish Network on Ch 586 on FREE PREVIEW. Alpha is no longer available on Directv i check this morning and the channel is GONE. Happy New Year, DKSat
  24. Alpha Sat is going to be in the Greek Elite package with no extra charge, And ala carte for $14.99 a month. There is rumors that more Greek channels will be moving to Dish network. DKSat
  25. Check out Lyngsat . www.lyngsat.com/packages/dish119.html DKSat
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