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Wow 3-1 :o Man oh Man the only positive I can see from this is this will force the management to buy some players thats the only positive. Damn this team needs a big ass wake-up call and they need to change it around fast.

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me 2 kourasmenous epithetikous ti na kaneis re gamoto?? tzigger ksypna kai pare epithetikous.... an einai dinaton na min exoume enan trito epithetiko...

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words can't describe how poorly we played for 86 minutes in Kerkyra. the only time they showed signs of life was during desperation times in the last few minutes.

both penalties that were called were phantom calls. its ok though. Mediocrity has a way of evening itself out.

the only positive i can take from this game, in all seriousness is the fact that the way Vyntra played today was a signed and sealed package that we are looking for a new RB come christmas time. He was unbelievably horrific. not that the rest of the team was good, but Vyntra looked like he was playing as a 9 year old in a field filled with men.

i dont know how this team will regrop in time for wednesday but i dont see any other way then beating kalamaria if they want to have something to show for themselves.

sad sad sad display of football. as good as they looked when Munoz first arrived, it seems to me that they have deteriorated steadily since the Kalamaria game.

And i am sorry to say this but if Pao wants to have any sort of futur in europe or even contend for second place, they must acquire a prototypical CF to replace one of the twins up front. they play identical styles and have no cohesion.

im pissed so im gonna go watch the bills beat the dolphins (crosses fingers)

later skaters

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its all the mids fault, if they play well the team plays well. Congrats to papadopoulos for never giving up he was clearly PAOs man of the match. Goumas.....could do much better, Morris......didnt really see much, Vyntra......the usual very s%$#! and kokkini karta, Seric......s%$#!, Bovio....go back to brazl, Victor......get F***ed all the buildup for ur presence has gone down the toilet, ivanschitz.....if he is austrian captain god knows how good austria are, Salpi.....good player had a bad game, Papa.......Thanks for trying unlike the other dembelithes.

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Green Santa!

I can't even be upset, that's how bad we lost. Kerkyra played better and her players were always first to the ball. Even in plays when two players run to the ball from the same spot, the Kerkyra players were always faster to the ball. Two things are happening. Either our players are really really slow by nature, or our practices are too hard to get them loose for the games. Either way, we are [insert expletive here].

With an ultra attacking formation (3 OM and 2 forwards) we created absolutely zero good chances and every time we had the ball in Kerkyra's area we looked spastic.

All we have left now is hope. Hope something can happen in January with preparing the team and getting a couple of players (not sure if Rondaldinhio himself would make any difference in this team). Personally, I don't have any hope we can finish in second place this season. Sometimes miracles happen, but I hope miracles spend more time in places that matter (hospitals) and not in football fields.

Anyway, our players played like prima donnas and Kerkyra played ball. We were slower than a lava lamp as a team and as individuals. In the last five minutes we run and played like we should be playing the entire game, but it was too late. The third goal does not matter because we were gambling to tie. It was a matter of either us scoring, or them. Goumas missed a clean header in 93' from two meters and next minute DaSilva scored.

Our best player? Ebede by far. He stopped 3 or 4 tet-a-tet and he is not responsibille for any of the goals.

Vintra had a good game, meaning he did not much that would cost us, until he was ejected (maybe he was not really the last player, but that's small print and the way we played it's better to have the excuse of being a man down for this defeat).

Seric was horrible, and this time it cost us. He was constantly out of position trailing just about every play on his side. I think Tenes knew this and always had a player behind Seric.

Goumas played well, but when we concede two goals from the center of the field both CBs are responsible.

Morris had mostly good plays and even moved out as a right winger towards the end and showed to me that he might be the best RB we have. Problem is he is also our best CB.

Bovio played more of a pure DM position than usual because Victor played in front of him. He run a lot and I thought he played a good game so I am not sure why he was substituted by Tziolis in 76.

Ivanscitz showed up with a frappe. He camped somewhere in our left midfield area and wandered around enjoying the Corfu sunshine.

Victor looks dejected. I got the feeling he is frustrated because he realized what kind of team and the kind of league he got into. He run a lot, trailed almost every play, had maybe a couple of good passes, a couple of good corner deliveries, and one exotic shot that missed the target.

Romero looked like he needs to be replaced and he was. In all the games he has played I don't remember many times when he passed a defender or a midfielder one-on-one. I think our wingers need to be more skilled than he is.

Salpigidis touched the ball maybe 10 times the whole game. All of them when he was playing wide on the right, and he always had 3 players defending. Other than that, Kerkyra had a Libero in (nice to see this extinct animal make a comegack in Kerkyra) to take care of all the long balls we send forward to Salpigidis.

Papadopoulos had a great game. Our best player after Ebede, but his best play was not good enough for one more game. He won the penalty, he converted it twice, and had a couple of penetrating plays that got nowhere.

Darlas came in for Seric in the last twenty minutes and did nothing. We changed our defense after Vintra was ejected and he played as the third back on the left with Morris moving right.

Tziolis replaced Bovio and did half the work Bovio was doing in midfield.

Gonzales did absolutely nothing. Well, nothing for us, but he worked miracles for Kerkyra. He failed to push the ball forward, trailed every play, and conceded a stupid penalty because he found himself trailing the play. He was side by side with the Kerkyra player when the ball was deflected towards them after a corner delivery. Immediately the Kerkyra player was two steps closer to the ball and all Gonzales could manage was to foul him from behind.

Munoz had the best team available and I thought he fielded the best players. He also made the right moves with the substitutes and it was still not good enough. We were ourtran, outplayed, and outscored. Short of hiring a shaman this January I don't see how we can turn things around.

Kai tou xronou.

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You know, with all the talk of bringing big players, the budget we have, the training camps, our fans, etc.... Compared to a team like kerkyra, Larisa, Aris, Ionikos, etc... We've got NOTHING to show for! Nothing! The rest is BS and hot air.

I can understand a player being crap (like Vyntra--the kid does not have any skils and should have been gone already) but I cannot understand or accept professional players who walk on the pitch! If I were the coach--I'm glad I'm not because ONLY 2-3 of these players would still appear on the pitch--I'd not give so many chances to freakin primadonas who don't earn their pay. I'd play with the boys from our academy and pick up a few from other Greek teams.... players from teams that have man-handled us this season! I couldnot have done worse.

When I see a player turn his back when an opponent takes a shot, or when an opponent crosses the ball and my player just lifts his leg a bit (sounds familiar? if not watch the PSG and today's games) to show he's "trying" ... then those guys would be off my squad! :tdown:

Let Munoz scarp the whole goddamned team and give him all the time he needs. He seems to know football and perhaps we should realize we've hit bottom.........

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I am afraid Munoz is too smart to stay beyond this summer. If I were Munoz I would be looking for a team already. If I were management I would be busy drafting a two-year contract he can't refuse. But I don't think our management can make the right moves. Probably we will be saddled with some more mediocre players.

By the way, here are the goals (if you can watch such thing):


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im going to go and break something, 8 points behind now loosing to fuken curfu osfp has to lose at least 3 games and we must be undefeated for any chance to win the championship back, munoz better stay although what has he done lately 6-7 s%$#! games some one should kick him in the balls because he obviously hasent kicked our team in the balls lately. how could this happen, we are panathinaikos

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