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Pao vs Rapid Bucuresti

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We win were 100% first... We draw and were 98% first.... We lose and were a 75% chance of being first....

after the dissapointing performence against apollon, im not as confidentas i was a week ago...

im going to say a scrappy 2-1 performence :rolleyes:

P.S i hope Munoz really gets stuck into them for conceding the 2 goals against apollon and almost drawing as well... :ph34r:

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i as ael faithfull support all greek clubs in europe its only natural your playing for your club pride but most importantly your country we wanna reach the sky and get higher but when it comes to the league you are my mortal enemy that what a true fan is i bleed yellow and black but i have an opened mind for europe :gr:

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the game is gonna be on ERT sat at 21.45 (local time)!

enjoy it!!!

elpizo na mou kanoun ena kalo doro me niki gia tin giorti mou!!!

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