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File Paok4, Atalanti is about 1 hour away from Lamia and actually one of my best friends is from there.

Lamia is my birthplace and i have been following Lamia for the last 35 years.

Lamia had a lot of runs in the 70s and 80s to reach the A' ethniki katigoria but they always failed to do so!

Lamia also is the team in Greece that AEK never beat! AEK has been eliminated by Lamia twice by the same score 1-0 in 1972( I was at the stadium when Serafidid conceeded the goal in ET and Papaioanou was running like hell to get the equalizer,but to no avail...) and 1984.

So Chaidari is not only the team to have done it against AEK!

This year Lamia has shown that they will make a run for promotion.

Only time will tell!

There are a few of sites to get some info about the team...




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