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Great job boys....now it's time to build of this crucial win. Let's not forget, we are only 1 point behing Lille for 2nd place, and we play Anderlecht away.

In my mind, that's a very winnable game. With Milan already closing out the group, it could set up for a very interesting match up in Athens on Matchday 6.

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Anderlecht will not beat Lille in France

AEK needs a tie in Brussels for UEFA berth    :tup:  :gr:


What about

AEK Athens 1 AC Milan 1

Lille 1 Anderlecht 1

AC Milan 3 Lille 1

Anderlecht 1 AEK Athens 2

AC Milan--------14

AEK Athens------8

Lille -------------6

Anderlecht ----- 3


possible possible :tup: :gr: :tup:

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Congradulations AEK for your precious victory in the Champions League!!!

Together they can bulid some confidence on this victory and string some better results in there final 2 matches. I can smell round of 16, but if they fail; Uefa Cup wouldn't be such a bad idea. :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:

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