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Rankings posted as of October 16

1 Brazil 1632 0 28

2 Spain 1629 0 41

3 Netherlands 1340 0 -36

4 Italy 1215 0 29

5 Germany 1161 -1 -25

6 Argentina 1103 2 -10

7 England 1101 0 -26

8 Croatia 1087 1 -14

9 France 1049 1 9

10 Portugal 1042 7 162

11 USA 1025 0 51

12 Russia 982 -6 -147

13 Switzerland 961 2 63

14 Cameroon 949 15 130

15 Czech Republic 928 3 58

16 Greece 921 -4 -50

17 Chile 909 4 63

18 Mexico 904 6 69

19 Cote d'Ivoire 903 1 51

20 Serbia 892 -7 -24

21 Paraguay 879 2 37

22 Ukraine 857 3 28

23 Bulgaria 854 -4 -6

24 Australia 848 -10 -59

25 Uruguay 838 3 18

26 Israel 837 -4 -7

27 Denmark 830 -11 -62

28 Egypt 798 4 12

29 Algeria 781 15 74

30 Colombia 775 18 118

30 Northern Ireland 775 1 -20

32 Nigeria 763 2 -10

33 Slovakia 758 12 71

34 Republic of Ireland 755 4 12

35 Honduras 754 7 42

36 Romania 752 -10 -75

37 Norway 751 6 42

38 Ghana 746 -6 -40

39 Turkey 737 -12 -89

40 Japan 735 0 1

41 Sweden 728 0 5

42 Bosnia-Herzegovina 721 4 39

43 Costa Rica 707 -4 -28

44 Ecuador 697 -8 -52

45 Gabon 691 -10 -68

46 Scotland 687 -16 -117

47 Latvia 683 11 128

48 Korea Republic 671 1 30

49 Slovenia 663 5 87

50 Hungary 645 -3

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  • 3 months later...

Greece back in Top Ten

Greece back in top ten(FIFA.com)

The latest edition of the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking reveals two changes of position in the top ten, as well as the return of a team that were European champions not so long ago.

Spain continue to lead the way ahead of Brazil and the Netherlands at the top, but further back Germany (5th, up 1) and Portugal (6th, down 1) swap places, as do England (8th, up 1) and Argentina (9th, down 1).

Greece (10th, up 2) also return to the top ten for the first time since June 2008. Their fortunes are in sharp contrast to those of Egypt, last month’s major movers. The CAF Africa Cup of Nations winners fall seven places and are now in 17th place. The Pharaohs are still the highest-placed African team, however, just ahead of Cameroon (20th), Nigeria (21st) and Côte d’Ivoire (22nd).

The majority of changes in this month’s ranking are due to the devaluation of results from last year. Korea DPR (102nd, down 17) have fallen significantly, for example, due to the devaluation of their victory over Saudi Arabia in a 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ qualifying match last year.

Teams inside the top 50 that have benefited from the devaluation of past results include Serbia (13th, up 6), Slovenia (27th, up 6) and Slovakia (31st, up 5). Two teams – Montenegro (71st, up 1) and the Comoros Islands (175th, up 1) – are currently in their highest-ever position on the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking.

Thirty-one matches, all friendlies, have been taken into account in this edition of the Ranking, taking the total number of international 'A' matches played so far in 2010 to 98.

More movement can be expected in the next edition of the ranking as a considerable number of matches will be played on 3 March, a date reserved for friendly matches in the international match calendar. It is an opportunity for many teams, not just those who have qualified for South Africa 2010, to make progress in the ranking.

1 Spain 1642 0 15

2 Brazil 1594 0 26

3 Netherlands 1324 0 36

4 Italy 1226 0 17

5 Germany 1208 1 35

6 Portugal 1201 -1 25

7 France 1171 0 54

8 England 1109 1 33

9 Argentina 1087 -1 5

10 Greece 1074 2 44

11 Croatia 1050 0 -3

12 Russia 1042 1 16

13 Serbia 980 6 64

14 Chile 971 2 16

15 Mexico 968 2 21

15 Switzerland 968 3 44

17 Egypt 967 -7 -102

18 USA 954 -4 -9

19 Uruguay 936 2 27

20 Cameroon 888 0 -26

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(From FIFA.com)

Greece drops one spot to 13th. Teams in bold are not in WC. Strange that Egypt goes up one spot while Greece drops one spot to unlucky number 13.

1 Brazil

2 Spain

3 Portugal

4 Netherlands

5 Italy

6 Germany

7 Argentina

8 England

9 France

10 Croatia

11 Russia

12 Egypt

13 Greece

14 USA

15 Serbia

16 Uruguay

17 Mexico

18 Chile

19 Cameroon

20 Australia

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This so depressing, yes the coaching has been horrible, but we could have had a monkey coach against Faroe and we still should have won, Our soccer our economy wow how much more worse can this get. Do you guys see a way out of this for the Ethniki I honestly can't right now.

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With a Ranieri or Markarian type head coach, it is hopeless. We should get an experienced and outstanding trainer (like Rehhagel and Santos), who would resort to our former defensive system. Then the players who can contribute to our game should be capped. And we must have some leaders who were successful with NT and/or their clubs and could therefore be respected by younger players. (Such leaders were Zagorakis, Dellas, then Basinas, then Karagounis). Katsouranis could have been a sort of leader for a while (even if he would have been subbed in) after Karagounis' departure, but he wont play until 2018 (perhaps not even until 2016). So we have (still) Salpingidis (first goal ever at the WC, two goals at Euro 2012, decisive goal against Ukraine, goals for PAO and PAOK etc. etc.), Samaras (successful career abroad, a bunch of goals in the Champions League, goal and assist against Ivory Coast, goal against Germany etc.) and Torosidis (one of the best players in Greek SL, now plays for Roma, games in the CL, many good matches for the Ethniki, goal against Nigeria etc.), they should be in the squad unless they are injured or play downright bad or dont play at all. Other older players: Gekas, Tziolis, Vyntra can be useful, they know most of the NT players and each other well, but we can perhaps do without them.

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I know what ur saying i suppprt it but without Karagounis we are not that strong. Yes there were times when he wasnt playing and we did well but him as a TD wont do much we need him on the field it was never this bad before his retirement and i believe were not going to find someone like him. Whoever said that Torosidis should go defensive mid is not a bad idea. I would also put Samaras and Salpingidis in the team. For extra expirience as they know how to play the defensive system and then we can slowly ease the players we want like Lazaros, Fortounis and so on.

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This is just the start. Its going to get worse. We will be seeded in the lower pots from now on. That won't help the cause. And the Economic situation in Greece will make our soccer infrastructure go to s%$#!. 3rd world style.  Its going to be like the 70'and 80's and 90's again. How i remember those decades. LOL

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Why are those two coaches hopeless? Ranieri is a former Chelsea, Valencia, Juventus, Inter Milan, and Monaco coach and had a reputation of building and rebuilding squads. Markarian replaced Santos at Panathinaikos in 2002 because Santos took a team that placed itself among the 8 best teams in Europe and turned them into a side that wasn't even among the 8 best teams in Greece. Half of the Euro 2004 starting eleven played under Markarian and were better players for it. Karagounis insisted on Markarian's hire after Ranieri's firing and Greece plans to continue with Markarian. No doubt Markarian is old (he certainly he will be retire by the end of this campaign), but hopeless to manage us against these opponents for Euro 2016 qualifying? Greece can win each of their remaining qualifiers. It's a very realistic possibility.



Santos and Rehhagel never solved our deficiencies at left-back (LB), so there was always a major weak point in our system, and this has become a bigger point of concern now more than ever. Can you name a LB that can solve our problems in that area of the pitch? Remember, Holebas is now in Karagounis' bad book and he was hardly a better solution to our defensive woes in the position.


And if Gagatsis and the Greek FA had the money to hire Nevio Scala, the type of coach who is consistent with the decision that was made to hire someone like Ranieri, then they would have hired him. Instead they hired Rehhagel because he was cheaper.


To add insult to injury, the Greek FA ignored the recommendations of the Iordanescu. This included creating training grounds/facilities for the national academies and allowing the Greek league to begin a couple of weeks earlier. If Greece followed his heed, would we be in this position right now? Iordanescu is the man that oversaw our embarrassing Euro 2000 qualifying campaign. We couldn't beat Latvia in that campaign. Up until this campaign, Euro 2000 was our most disappointing qualifying campaign considering our qualification odds. The man Greece fired in 1999 has now returned as the coach of Romania.  How the wheel of fortune turns...


Can you name any coaches like Rehhagel and Santos out there today who you think ought to coach Greece? More importantly, what will a Rehhagel or Santos type coach have done differently to get a rise out of central forwards like Mitroglou, Samaras, Salpingidis, Klaus, and Gekas? What would such a coach do to have provided added motivation to his players to be in tiptop shape and make themselves available for selection?


I can name one coach like Rehhagel and Santos: Dunga. He fielded 6 defenders against Venezuela in the recent Copa America in an almost failed attempt to defend a 2-0 lead. That 2-0 lead became 2-1 and Venezuela were then inches away from tying the match with a minute left to play. I repeat, Brazil played 6 defenders against Venezuela and nearly gave up a 2-0 lead because they allowed Venezuela to get back into the game. The same mindset allowed Paraguay to even the score in the quarter-finals and Brazil lost on penalties. Argentina, having learned their lessons after allowing Paraguay to draw 2-2 in the group stages after leading the match 2-0, trounced Paraguay in the semis 6-1. Paraguay were by some distance the worst team to have gotten to the knock-out stages at Copa America. Worse than Bolivia even.


Most importantly, how would our "defensive system" score goals? In our recently friendly against Poland we drew the match with a midfield containing Katsouranis and Tziolis. Poland were very unlucky not to have won, having been denied a chance that hit the bar. Greece had two shots, both from outside the box and only one on goal, none of which troubled the Polish defense.


(emphasis mine)


Can you name any players who can contribute to "our game" and ought to "be capped"?


Katsouranis possibly until 2016? Katsouranis was worse for wear by Euro 2012 and the red card against Japan was proof that he was the wrong player to build and rally around.


Salpingidis, Samaras, Torosidis and Katsouranis all played and have unimpressed in this disappointing period, yet you exalt them. Torosidis is the only name of that bunch who still starts for Greece, but he has clearly shown signs of physical decline. And he clearly is the leader of the team considering he was made captain. Salpingidis was recently named captain under Ranieri and he failed to live up to those expectations. By 2018, our next aim of qualification, Greece realistically needs someone else in each of their places in the starting eleven.



Hasn't that been the case for the past season? And once more only Torosidis can exclude himself from the list, but even he has played below his standards.



Gekas would be useful over whom? He's at best a 3rd to 5th string striker.


Vyntra plays as a RB and alternatively as a CB. He's always going to be a second choice to Torosidis and no way does he start over our other CBs. Moreover, Vyntra plays his RB role as a full-back (FB), he doesn't get forward well enough to support the attackers. We have many CBs who are better defenders than Vyntra. Since that's the case, why not just exclude him and call-up another CB instead?


Tziolis is still useful? In 2018 he won't be useful and the same must be said of most of the names you just mentioned. Besides, have you seen PAOK play in the last 6 months? Maybe back in November he could have been useful, but Ranieri, who had coached an out-of-shape Tziolis while at a second division Monaco, didn't seem keen on him and Tziolis' recent form would suggest he's not even worthy of a PAOK jersey (something that could be well said of almost every single PAOK player). PAOK have been absolutely shambolic.


Karagounis opted for Markari?n but he failed to fulfil expectations (till now). The absence of left-backs is a problem which is well-known to many not excellent NTs. Michel would have been the best option, then Leonardo Jardim, Valverde (he was asked when Bilbao struggled in the CL and on home soil but he answered to a newspaper he didnt want coach Greece), perhaps Bajevic. We could score goals with our former system, even if not so many as other fairly strong European teams (Croatia, Czech Rep. Russia etc. etc.), and at the end of the day we performed better than they. Players who work a lot and are defensive minded can contribute even if they arent world class players, they should be selected. This means (as for our midfielders and attackers) Maniatis should be played, then Tziolis, Samaras, Mitroglou, Salpingidis etc. etc. The Ninis type players (Fetfatzidis, Ninis, Mantalos, Fortounis etc.) who are mediocre against stronger sides and inconsistent arent so useful for us, they can be included in the squad (not all of them) but I wouldnt give them a place in the starting 11 if everybody is healthy but first of all we must return to the former system (key words: defending, counterattacks, set-pieces). Samaras should find a decent team of course, and should play regularly, perhaps he could return to Celtic, we need him in the NT, this is obvious after the FI games and the Hungary game and the loss against NI. When he was subbed in against Finland (in the 83th min) we looked a bit more vivid. PAOK was OK in the regular season but they F***ed up the playoff. "Absolutely shambolic" was the team you always wanted while bashing Santos and Rehhagel, the attacking-minded team with the useless and/or unexperienced young geniuses (Kone, Christodoulopoulos, Mavrias, Mantalos , Fetfatzidis, Tachtsidis, Ninis, Athanasiadis) and the "visionary" coach (Ranieri).

Edited by La Mendel
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Hold on a second we had a 37 year old Karagounis, a 35 year old Katsouranis, and a 34 Year old Salpingidis in the World Cup and made history for the first time making the last 16 in a massive tournament and everyone wished we played more younger players instead of them. Now that we got that we cant even beat the Faroes. This is ridiculous. Dont get me wrong i was in favour of playing the younger players but now i am now seeing what Santos was doing and how we were achieving. I dont care what people  are thinking now as i believe now that we need players above 30 in our squad but to a point. We need to have Katsouranis Tziolis  Salpingidis Samaras and Torosidis playing and starting well the majority of them accept 1 maybe Tziolis cause i believe they are the players that are the most experienced players and the players that will provide success as shown in the past with previous coaches. The players that i dont want and will not provide any chances for the team are Gekas, Vyntra there not needed as Tziolis, Samaras and Torosidis should play in the WC2018 they will only be 33 by then. As i said experience is the way to go if we want any success. The defensive  system we should go back to and this way we can focus on the details like counter attacking and set pieces. We dont have a world class team thats why we need experience more than anything.

Edited by Dean97
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No matter what anyone says the truth is right in front of us, it's impossible to go from a successful World Cup qualifying campaign and a successful World Cup to not being able to win a game against minnows and becoming the worst team in the easiest division within months after the World Cup, not having Karagounis and other veterans in our line must be the biggest reason for our failures, and maybe our young guys are s%$#! and don't have the heart and passion the veterans have showed in the past, we lack a leader on the field that can grab this team by its balls and lead and teach the young players, I'm not sure it has to do with our coaching anymore, I think guys like Samaris and Kone and laz, and so on are not committed to team defense and doing everything in there power to play hard nose football and both ends of the field. I don't think it's a coincidence anymore that once we started playing more young guys and stopped putting in veterans we went to s%$#!. I do think we need young guys but we need a good mix of veterans and young players. I think if more young guys got introduced under our previous coaches during the time we were successful maybe they wouldn't look so lost out there and they would have seen and been apart of the passion and hard nose defense this team played in the past.

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Rubbish. Club football might be impacted by the financial crisis but there's little excuse for the national team. How does one explain Argentina, Brazil in the past or even Spain and Portugal NT's when their economies have been in total disarray?

The Ethniki sliding is due to many factors. Poor decisions by EPO. Management selections. Relying on has-beens like Kats/Kara/Vydra/Tziolis for way too long. Complacency like thinking we had an easy Euro group when the reality is that it was a tougher group than others.

The current state of the economy isn't a reason as this crisis has been u folding for the last 5 years. If it is impacting the players to the degree that they can't beat the Faroe Islands then these guys aren't professionals but amateurs and they should emigrate to the US and work in a diner.

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Its not rubbish. We have gone from being a top 10 team to now languishing in 44th place. That is not simply down to bad management alone. You need to see the bigger picture. If the whole of Greek society is on the brink of financial collapse do you not think that might rub off on the mood of players, staff and management? Not to mention effect the budget allocated for the national team?


Also the majority of Greek clubs have been in decline in Europe as of late so that also ties in.


You also speak about its been unfolding for the last 5 years, is it just a co-incidence that Greece has been on a special austerity policy for the last 5 years?



It is 100% linked.  

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Nope. The financial crisis has been unfolding for 5 years not the decline of the Ethniki. The decline of the Ethniki has been 10 years in the making. Ever since we won Euro 2004.

The financial crisis is having a direct impact on the domestic game but little impact to the NT. When Manolas, Sokratis, Samaras etc are making excellent salaries outside of Greece they have no excuses for performing like amateurs for the national team.

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      There was no topic for The National Football team of Cyprus. Now there is.
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      The Greek National Team’s crucial match against Bosnia and Herzegovina in European Qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup is fast approaching. The away qualifier, to be played at the Bilino Polje Stadium in Zenica on June 9th, is a vital match that could go a long way in determining Greece’s chances for a place at Russia 2018.
      In the coming weeks, Ethniki boss Michael Skibbe will announce the squad for that crucial qualifier. And Skibbe will have some big decisions to make as five players will miss the match against the Bosnians. Andreas Samaris, Giorgos Tzavellas, Kyriakos Papadopoulos, and Panagiotis Tachtsidis are all ruled out due to suspension, with Samaris having accumulated yellows while Tzavellas and Tachtsidis were both sent off in the team’s last qualifier against Belgium. Kyriakos Papadopoulos will be serving his final match suspension for his actions against Bosnia in Greece.
      Also absent from the team will be long-term injury victim Nikos Karelis. 
      Skibbe is widely reported to be interested in calling up left-back Babis Lykogiannis for the first time. The Sturm Graz player has impressed with his performances as of late putting himself in the frame for a call-up to the senior team after having represented Greece at youth level. 
      Another player to have represented Greece’s younger national teams is also in line for a first call-up. Panathinaikos’ Dimitris Kourbelis could be selected as a back-up defensive midfielder. 
      It’s a big question whether Skibbe will call up Kourbelis and also keep faith in the young talent that were drafted into the squad recently. The smart money is that the German manager will hold onto the likes of Thanasis Androutsos and bring in Kourbelis and Giorgos Manthatis. It wouldn’t exactly be called a youth revolution, however it would a clear sign that Skibbe values what young Greek talent can bring to the table.
      Goalkeeper Orestis Karnezis is set for a return to the team meaning that more than likely Dimitris Kyriakidis will be dropped from the squad. 
      There could be some more surprises depending on injuries, however for now the squad is expected comprise of the players that were selected for the Belgium match.
      Below is the predicted squad for the match against Bosnia:
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      Midfielders: Zeca, Manolis Siopis, Kostas Fortounis, Giannis Maniatis, Petros Mantalos, Alexandros Tziolis, Thanasis Androutsos, Dimitris Kourbelis
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      My prediction is Belgium 1 Greece 1.
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      This will probably be the biggest match of the campaign. We can put ourselves in a great position to go to Russia with a win here.
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      Friendly for the ethniki at home to Belarus in Piraeus at Karaiskaki. Good warmup for the bigger game 4 days later.
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      My heart won't be pulled in two directions here. Cyprus looking for their first win at the Bosnians. Of course, last time Kypro went to Bosnian soil, worked out pretty damn well!
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