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LOSC Lille - AEK FC / Stade Felix Bollaert (Lans)


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Like in Milan.... again the home team is the favorite, but our team is not without any chance.

I m optimistic for the future and the time will come and this AEK will do us a positiv present.

It could be this time or sometimes in the near future. Anyhow we are on the right track.

We will take over.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image

Name: Stade Felix Bollaert

Inauguration: 1932

Capacity: 41,800 seats

Pitch dimensions: 105*68

Record Attendance: 48,912; Lens-Marseille, 15 Februari 1992

Address: Avenue Alfred-Maes, BP 236, 62304 Lens Cedex

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It is a game that depends on your performance and they way you are going to finish your opportunities.Aek is creating scoring opportunities but can not score a goal.If you improve on that you will be able to get a good result.

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i hope aek do win, eventhough enemies in superleague, i follow aek and osfp in uefa as they represent our country.

but in all honesty i think aek will lose to lille.. they have a stong side..

2 - 0 :(

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Remember, AEK havent played since we faced Ergotelis. Maybe this is a good thing for rest, maybe it isnt, because its been 16 days i think since that match.

Everyone seems really confident, and i would like to be confident too, but what is inspiring this confidence?? We have never won a Champions League game, let alone away.

I too will be optomistic and will go for a 1-1 result. The result will depend on 2 things:

1) What Lile side shows up and decides to play

2) How AEK finish in front of goal (or should i say, how many easy shots they miss)

Im crossing my fingers, toes, everything ive got. If we could get a point, or somehow win this, we will have a real chance at 2nd spot, or at least 3rd!!

Cummon AEK, lets show the world what AEK and Greece is about!!!

:tup: LONG LIVE AEK :tup:

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Probable lineup for AEK Athens: Stefanos Sorrentino, Nikolaos Georgeas, Evangelos Moras, Bruno Cirillo, Ifeanyi Udeze, Emerson, Akis Zikos, Vasilios Lakis, Juilo Cesar, Daniel Tozser, Nikolaos Liberopoulos.

Panagiotis Lagos, Traianos Dellas, Gustavo Manduca, & Stavros Tziortiopoulos are all out of tommorrow's game. Good luck AEKara!!! :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:

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Bgike i 11ada

Re paidia Papastathopoulo hasn't played a game all season and Ferrer puts him in to start in a CL game. Dont get me wrong id love to see the kid rise to the occassion and kick some ass but how can he possibly be ready for CL game when he hasnt even played a league game.

Hope im wrong but the back line is going to have a hard time today


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He can my friend.

It s only a game. And young people love games.

I m very pleased tha he puts him in.... Vamos Companeros....

We are the best team in Greece.

We have the best coach.

And last but not least, we have the best president from footbalistic vew.

I hope I ll still laugh in 3 hours :tup: :)

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I like you optimism nightsurfer :tup:

As far as Papastathopoulos goes.. he is very fast and that will help against the speedy french forwards. he does lack experience, but don't forget so did tozer, hetemai, and kyriakidi in the game against anderlecht.

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