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Well I would like to see this group

Liverpool (Revenge on mind)

PSV Eindhoven (Jan Venergoor might be gone, not as strong like 2 years ago)


Galatasaray (Love to face Turkish sides)

Group I hate to see

Barcelona (The toughest team in the World)

Chelsea (Adding Ballack and Shevchenko makes them even more tougher)


Hamburger SV (German clubs are very tricky)

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I think a relatively good draw would be:

Liverpool or Valencia from the first group.

Porto, Eindhoven, Lille, Celtic or Bayern from the second group.

Anderlecht, Levski, Hamburger or Copenhagen from the fourth group.

Ideal draw:

Valencia, Celtic and Copenhagen

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This looks fantastic, we really have the chance to win this group I think. Matter of fact I also believe that this is a WIDE OPEN group...

Finally our chances are looking better in Europe (lets hope)

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It is really good that we have avoided the big cahunas like barca,chelsea,bayer,man ktl.It is an open group and ONLY if we play well in EVERY game we will go to the next phase.They are not going to be easy games but with some luck you never know.

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That is what AEK has got

We got a tough group

Even Shahtar is a worthy rival

It will be very very dificult, especially with Valencia who likes to break the legs and other body parts of their opponents. In ROma we have Totti who overcome his injury

Oly always had to work harder

Let the Lord and ribo be with us

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this is a very competitive, wide-open group (at least on paper) - this should be good and motivating for Olympiakos

at the moment Shakhtar are with CSKA Moscow and Dynamo Kiev one of the best teams from former USSR - many well-known players and experienced coach M. Lucescu - they struggled a bit when they played PAOK last year (1-0 at home) but still they are very dangerous (especially in away games)

Valencia are on the rise again, at Mestalla they seem unbeatable but don't look too good in away games (completly outplayed in Salzburg 2 weeks ago)

Roma are extremely dependant on Totti - if he gets well and if they sort their problems in attack (played second half of last season with virtually no real strikers), they will be very though to beat

if Rivaldo does his magic again :nw: (anyone remembers his legendary hattrick against Valencia 5 years ago?) and if the whole team works hard in all 6 games Olympiakos can hope for a good finish - 1st-3rd place

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Not a bad draw for Olympiakos. Avoided the more loaded groups but it will still be a challenge. Is this the year Olympiakos gets three points away from home in a European fixture?

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I see it as an opportunity and a challenge. The bad news is that the first game is against Valencia, the strongest in the group, but the good news is it's at home. OLY must win this game. If not, then I don't think it can recover. Another very difficult game comes second, away against Sachtar. Psychologically it's very difficult to play catch-up and part of Greek teams' problems had been just that.... So, I think it'd be better to have the "easier" games first.

But, if Greek teams want to have serious presence in Europe, OLY & AEK have to go thru and beat teams like those in their groups. In the CL you can't get very easy teams. Our national team had to beat soccer powerhouses to get the Euro04, right? There's no other way. :gr:

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Rivaldo can not do it by himself' unfortunately

He is so decisive that all the rivals will mark him very strongly

Valencia is a violent team, furthermore they use bunker many times

This is not convenient for Oly

I just hope the referrees will not allow them to injure our players like against the Englishmen in UEFA Cup some time ago

A good thing is that Ruben Baraja, one of the viiolent ones is injured and not playing for some time ( I do not wish anybody to be injured of course, but it is convenient not to have him)

Shahtar beat barcelona in Ucraine, they have some very good Brazilians and others

I hope Oly will show good games, not suffer goals in the last minutes like last year, and that nobody, especially not Ribo , got injured

I will pray for that

But, to tell you a secret, what disturbes me most is that AEK got a much easier group, It will be very hard for me to see them do better than us (Heaven forbid)

After revealing to you all my fears and worries, I want to finish this post in an optymistic fraze

I have much faith in our team, in the coach, in the players, I hope everything will get better, Ribbo including,

Hope that the birth of his sone, due any day, will not distract him


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Good draw - and good luck - this a a group then qualify in - but only if the road record imroves, it can not get any worse now can it. Anyway I think the result in week 2 will be the decider really. :gr:

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