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June 30 - Wow!

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I was just looking at sports events that tooks place on June 30. Here are some noteworthy:

  • 30/6/1951: England's biggest international victory (17-0), against Australia in a friendly match in Sydney
  • 30/6/1950:The US football team defeat England 1-0 for the World Cup in Brazil. It is the biggest victory in US soccer history. The New York Times though chose not to print the news fearing that nobody would belive it was true
Some times, one has to catch their breath and go ...Wow !!!! :huh?:

Also this day:

  • 30/6/2002: Brazil win their 5th World Cup after defeating Germany 2-0 (Ronaldo) in the final in Yokohama, in front of 72.000 spectators. It is the first World Cup tournament held in Asia. Brazilian striker Ronaldo takes top scorer award with 8 goals.
  • 30/6/1996: Former football player and coach Lakis Petropoulos dies of heart attack in USA
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