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Kostas Katsouranis (retired)

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Milan absolultey do not need Katsouranis.

They have enough holding midfielders, they have Flamini, Gattuso, Emerson....Katsouranis would sit around doing nothing, especially seeing how hes gotten to be quite bad (and Benfica are horrid too)

Gattuso is injured for the rest of the season, and Emerson can't run anymore. Yes they have Flamini who is a good player, but they also have numerous defensive injuries and Kats can play both in midfield, in central defence and at full back, so he is a versatile option for them. So why not? I hope he goes. It would be good for him and good for the prestige of Greek football.
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Heidelberg coach George Katsakis said "everyone around the club is going crazy ... no one can believe it".


It's always depressing when I hear a Greek speak highly of people like Katsouranis. We always go for the low-hanging fruit.

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This is a coup for these guys. He'll be back in greece though in a year to pursue some staff role perhaps. When the greeks come over to Australia, it's usually a shock to the system. The lifestyle here blows as opposed to greece but many have been forced to come and pursue work.


The stadium is a close drive, but i won't bother.

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Heidelberg United is one of the Greek clubs in Melbourne, Australia which used to be Heidelberg Alexander & known by it's Greek community as Megas Alexandros back in the days of the old National Soccer League (NSL) in Australia & did rivals of South Melbourne Hellas. These days the A-League is the top league in Australia & then each State has it's State League competition & Heidelberg United is one of the top teams in the Victorian Premier State League which has recently finished but they are in the Quarter Finals of the FFA Cup.

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