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Problem with my account


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Hi, This is a new user name my old one is drakos13

theres something wrong with it, I wasnt allowed to post or pm it always said access denied by administrator or something along those lines....and my mailbox option had disapeared...the New messages link next to my controls and view new posts....

i had to get a new username in order to communicate the problem...

any help?


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I checked the Drakos13 account and noticed that it said that this account is validating.

I think what might have gone wrong is if you tried to change your e-mail on that account recently, and you failed validate your request.

We will need to check with Lazarus on this.

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Ziaka has outlined the cause of the problem. It seems that you attempted to change your email address. Since a real email address is required, a message has been sent to the email account you listed (gmail.com addresss) asking you to click on a link and validate the request.

Check your email with gmail.com . If you haven't received this message, or if you typed in the wrong email address (when you requested a change) let us know and we'll try to manually authorize your account. It should work provided you haven't changed your password also in which case we'll work something else out... You can always PM me with the email address you used - just to verify that the message is being sent to the correct recipient.

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I have manually authorized the validation for your email change. Check and see if you can log in with your previous user name - drakos 13.

If you can, let me know which identity you will like to keep, and I will attempt to assign your other messages to the identity you pick.

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mmmm, also if u dont know your username, then is there anyway of getting an password reminder email???

No. You have to know your username. Otherwise, contact an administrator to try and find a solution (like looking up your username based on your email address...)
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This forum sucks.... It really does.  It just keeps taking me to a page saying the forum is offline for maintenance and gives me the option to log out.  Every time I do anything.  Then I have to either go back and click again or refresh, then 50% of the time the page freezes, or 25% I go back to the offline message OR 25% of the time I actually get what to where Im trying to go.


UPDATE:  LOL after pressing submit to this message I got this:


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There are many variables could be contributing to a negative user experience.

From our part, I'll check with developers and make sure the software does what it's supposed to do and all latest updates are installed.

From a user perspective, it's a good practice to clean the cache (browser and system files) periodically.


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Yes, there have been some issues with software updates/upgrades and we needed to revert back to previous installations. Sometimes that might cause issues with cached files and scripts.  Clear your web cache.

More updates will be performed this week.



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