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Vassaras in the WC 2006

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Kyros Vassaras, the best Greek referee has been picked by FIFA to call games during the WC 2006 in Germany.

Yet another success for the best Greek ref, despite the fact that Gagatsis (EPO) and Germanakos don't let him call major games in the Greek league.

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The reason is that he dosen't want money under the table. He wants to play 50-50!! ;) :LOL:


Cmon man.... We all know that ref make mistakes but damn he's human, and just to be called up to do this should be an honour to anyone..

FIFA is the one really that recognizes his talents and therefore that's what made him be one of the top refs.


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evalagoal I think you misunderstood AEKPROTATHLIMA. All he was saying is that he is not calling games in Greece because he would call the games 50-50.

Thanks Ziaka for understanding!!!!! :D
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According to The Italian press not even the Italian International referee De Santis will go to Mundial,because of Juve investigation

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