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Gatoules vs Panathinaikos


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honestly- if fans start bitching about now we win because we are lucky it is pure bullshit because lets not forget the games with BAD luck that we lost .......

this was a well deserved win. period. i only saw the second half but Panionios had 2 chances- one of them a free kick in the 93rd......the other one a mistake by morris. the rest was all PAO controlling the play and we had some good chances missed too.

i just said that you guys were lucky because in the first half the score was 0-0 and panionios was playing better and then by the 60' minute they were up 2-0.you guys have a better team and all but you got to have some luck to score 4 in an away game.that is all kolimenoi......
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maybe Seric had a bad game tonight- but he has been our BEST many games. He is a great player. there is no comparison even possible to be made to conceicao.....Seric is faster than our whole forward line, he can cross and take set peices- without him what would we have on the left? shitty Darlas whos good one game crap the next? You prefer Wooter? or Theodoridis who gets on and is garbage?

seriously let the team build.........celebrate the 4-2 win, 4 goals in Nea Smyrni isnt bad at all...

I agree with you....

I liked Seric from the first game I saw from him agianst Zaragoza it was... if I remember right... in the pre-saison

He's a good player.... and I wished, he would play with us.....

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I watched some parts of the game and I was really disappointed when PAO was losing with 2 goals and a part of their supposed to be called "fans" turned their backs on the players of PAO :tdown: of course later on, they had to turn back again and cheer for their amazing team!

shame on those people who want to be called as "true PAO fans" and congrats to the PAO players who never gave up the game and won it!

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i would much rather have this kid than Giagiaka Toure anyday-

u only say that cause Olympiakos has Toure

come on there isn't even a comparison of both players at this very moment

don't hype up Leonitou just yet

always hating

say what you will.. at this rate we'll have Leontiou longer than you'll have Toure.

so drakos13 may be right

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