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2006 Winter Olympics - Torino


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Greece will be represented by 5 athletes in the Winter Olympic games which will take place in Turin, italy later this month. The athletes are:


Vasilis Dimitriadis - Alpine Skiing

Lefteris Fafalis - Cross-Country Skiing

Stavros Christoforidis - Biathlon


Magda Kalomirou - Alpine Skiing

Panagiota Tsakiri - Cross-Country Skiing

For complete information about Greece's representation in Turin 2006 check out this site, which also includes additional information about the athletes:


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Cool, we expect a report from you. Hopefully it's a US game with Chelios in the squad.

honeslty i wish but the USA games were sold out....... :(

i think its Sweden and Slovakia......

ill try to take some pics...

i would try to see the Greek athletes but its too much trouble getting down there and trying to avoid hostels/come back the same day.....

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And here is the schedule for the Greek athletes:

11-Feb-06: 20 KM INDIVIDUAL (BIALTHLON) - Stavros Christoforidis

14-Feb-06: 10 KM SPRINT (BIALTHLON) - Stavros Christoforidis

16-Feb-06: LADIES 10 KM CLASSICAL (CROSS COUNTRY SKIING) - Panagiota Tsakiri

20-Feb-06: MEN'S GIANT SLALOM (ALPINE SKIING) - Vasilis Dimitriadis

22-Feb-06: MEN'S SPRINT (CROSS COUNTRY SKIING) - Lefteris Fafalis

22-Feb-06: LADIES SPRINT (CROSS COUNTRY SKIING) - Panagiota Tsakiri

22-Feb-06: LADIES SLALOM (ALPINE SKIING) - Magda Kalomirou

24-Feb-06: LADIES GIANT SLALOM (ALPINE SKIING) - Magda Kalomirou

25-Feb-06: MEN'S SLALOM (ALPINE SKIING) - Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Ziaka, thanks for he info. I was trying to look all that up last night but was having trouble finding it. I also missed the Greek team's entrance, so thanks for the pic too!

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went yesterday........dont even bother wondering if they are close to athens....they arent. Journalists need to have their freedom of speech taken away from them, because theyre jackasses. They trashed Athens which i really see how EVEN better it was and it was the best ever games.

It seemed in Torino as the games were just a detail, not a giant event. There were not very many volunteers, most of them hardly spoke anything but Italian, and the tram beleive it or not was just as bad as in Athens!!! It was really not very friendly/simple to get to / find events ......i did go see Sweden-Latvia though, the arena was beautiful, and there were people, the venues looked very nice...but still simply wont compare....(probably also because its the winter olymics, as for the volunteers i understand they cant get students because its in the winter..)

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In today's action:

Magda Kalomirou was disqualifed in Run 1 of the Women's Slalom.

Lefteris Fafalis in men's Sprint qualified to the Quarterfinal stage, but failed to qualify to the semifinal stage finishing 6th in Heat 4. By far the best showing of all the Greek athletes at these Olympics.

Panagiota Tsakiri finished last in the qualifying stage of Women's Sprint and did not qualify to the quarterfinal stage.

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they just saw some of the moments where switzerland got some medals. and i think i found out who is the loser of the games: Lindsay Jacobellis. why that? she was safely leading the snowboard cross finals and wanted to set a highlight to show off. and she crashed!!! :LOL: :LOL:

finally the gold medal went to switzerland and Tanja Frieden. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

reminds me of the short trak final in salt lake city...

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Just to provide complete results for Greek athletes, on the last day of the Olympics, Vasilis Dimitriadis finishd 23rd out of 97 competitors in the Men's Slalom with the combined time of 1:51.38.

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