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Major Corruption Scandal in Belgium

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Panorama (Belgian tv program) revealed today 14 names of players, coaches and officials that were bought by Chinese mob to lose games for gambling purposes.

key names Zheyun Ye, chinese mob

and Pietro Allatta

the tv makers have a list of more than 50 players, but those 14 are the ones they are absolutely sure of, the others 95%

This season

At least 7 games were sold, half the team of La Louviere (ex coach Albert Cartier, coach Bodart, players Toyes, Brahami, Vanhandenhoven, Ekani, and Espartero were bought this season or last season, ex club officials Stéphane Pauwels and his successor Chris Bénoit and the lawyer of the team, Laurent Denis knew some things ) and at least the goalie of Sint Truiden (Dusan Belic) were involved to lose a game

AA Gent - La Louvière (only two weeks ago!!!)

La Louvière -Westerlo,

La Louvière - Racing Genk

La Louvière - Lierse

St.-Truiden - La Louvière

Club Brugge - La Louvière

Cercle Brugge-St.-Truiden

Last Season

they tried to keep Bergen in first division

Bergen - La Louvière

Bergen - Westerlo (goalie Bourdon)


Bergen - Germinal Beerschot (gb players Cruz, Messoudi en Luciano were almost bought but cancelled the deal because it was getting too suspicious)

Lierse (coach Paul Put selected twice a B-squad, also goalie Cliff Mardulier is named)

Put got fired after half a year

Lierse - La Louviere (Lierse won 7 - 0)


in 2002 Bergen bought its way into the first division

strange things:

ex La Louviere coach Emilio Ferrera asked for an additional player, board refused, sacked the coach after a while, new coach Bodart immediatly got 4 new players, at least of the new players was bought in the AA Gent game, Ekani.

Allata and/or Ye tried to do similar stuff in Finland and Greece (Ethnikos, Yannick Vervalle)

The Belgian Football association KNEW strange things were going on. Anonymous tips and gambling office Betfair claim to have informed the federation.

Chairman Peeters and bobo Verstringhe deny the fact they were informed.

Berfair chairman told Panorama he sent a letter and explained certain games of Sint Truiden or La Louviere attracted gamblers, gambling for more than 30 times the the average money on a similar league game.

It is obvious this is only top of the iceberg in Belgium AND Europe. (reason why I put this in this forum)

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link with Ethnikos Asteras,

abdoulai demba (ex-oostende, coached by Bodart)

kanfory sylla (ex-lokeren, coached by Put)

patrick zoundi (ex-lokeren, coached by Put)

mohammed camara (ex-GBA)

rafik djebbour (ex-La Louviere)

jannick vervalle (ex-La Louviere)

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