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Markos ekanes mia olokliri patrida na einai perifanos yia sena!! You are a hero!!

Marcos' Excellent Adventure

by Luke Buttigieg

Sunday, 29 January, 2006

Marcos Baghdatis arrived in Melbourne as one of the rising stars of the tennis world but it would be fair to say that plenty of the game's fans knew little about him. The 20-year-old Cypriot has changed that though with two superb weeks at Australian Open 2006.

Baghdatis played some of the finest shots seen at the tournament and also engaged all he came across off the court as his excellent adventure came to an end just one match short with defeat against world No.1 Roger Federer in the Melbourne Park decider.

The 2003 Australian Open Junior Boys' Singles champion took it up to the Swiss No.1 seed for two sets but the momentum changed when he says he began to start 'thinking too much' about winning the title and not just playing his natural game.

"I just start thinking, got a bit stressed out, stopped playing my game, made some mistakes, gave the chance to Roger to come in and play his game and be aggressive, and that cost the match I think," Baghdatis said following Federer's 5-7 7-5 6-0 6-2 victory.

"I did focus for two sets. But then, I don't know, there were moments that start thinking too much. Maybe was a bit scared of him and didn't really believe in it. So, I mean, it was tough. After everything was going so fast, I couldn't do anything. He was playing great."

"He got his momentum and he was playing great tennis. So when Roger's playing good, I mean, it's really tough. And when you give him the chance to come in the court and play his game, I can tell you, in the court it's really tough."

"Yeah, I start thinking about that, start thinking about a lot of things, and I stopped playing. Gave Roger, like I said, the chance to come in and be more aggressive than me. That's what happened."

Along the way Baghdatis beat Czech No.17 seed Radek Stepanek in the second-round, American No.2 seed Andy Roddick in the fourth-round, Croatian No.7 seed Ivan Ljubicic in the quarter-finals and Argentine No.4 seed David Nalbandian in the semi-finals.

"Beating Roddick, I mean, was first time winning in Rod Laver Arena I mean, beating No.3 in the world was my best victory," Baghdatis said of his stunning Day Seven victory. "It was really emotionally was fantastic."

As well as thrilling both the local fans and Melbourne's Cypriot and Greek communities with his performances - with his own soccer-like fan club following his every move - Baghdatis also delighted the tennis public with his personality.

He celebrated every victory by heading off to a local restaurant for some Greek cuisine, with the eatery adding an item to its menu and naming it in his honour, and he continued to charm even in making his speech at the presentation following his defeat.

Earlier, when he walked out at Rod Laver Arena to a rapturous welcome, Baghdatis acknowledged the reception from the crowd with a few waves, and then sat down to ready himself for the battle ahead while keeping one eye on those cheering for him.

He bounced out of his chair for the toss of the coin and then also laughed with the pockets of Cypriot and Greek supporters chanting his name and slogans about him before crossing himself as the match was about to begin.

Baghdatis jumped out of the blocks by claiming the first set and then opening up a 2-0 lead early in the second set, and with two break points on Federer's serve in the third game he could have been up two breaks.

But Federer won 11 games in succession and 16 of the next 19 to firstly square the match and then also take the third set and lead 3-0 in the fourth en route to his 166-minute triumph.

Baghdatis fought the match out to the end, even though he was also battling cramp in his left calf - an ailment that he had treated three times at courtside - but Federer's class and experience proved too much.

Having forgotten to pay tribute to Federer when he made his speech, Baghdatis was glowing in his praise of the now dual Australian Open and seven-time Grand Slam champion, who cried when he addressed the crowd.

"I want to congratulate him (Federer) because he played a great tournament," he said. "He's a great athlete, great sportsman. He just gives a lot to the game. He's so charismatic. He's just playing unbelievable."

"It's good to have him around. It's a pleasure to play against him and it's a pleasure to be in the changing room with him. Today when I saw him cry, I mean, I felt happy for him. He's a great man, I think."

"He is a great person. He shows a lot. He gives a lot to people, I think. It's just so emotional up there, you cannot control yourself. So I think I know what he's going through."

Asked to sum up his experience in Melbourne, Baghdatis told of how much he has enjoyed himself, with a school in his hometown of Limassol recording a song about him and his favourite soccer team back home, Apollo, sending him an autographed t-shirt.

"Dream come true," he said. "That's the only thing I can say. I mean, it was a great dream. I mean, it feels great."

"Feels great that all the tough work I've been through and all the things I'm doing through all these years and all the sacrifices my parents do for me, for them and everything, I mean, it was just great being here and playing a final, even if I lost it."

Hopeful that he will be the inspiration for Cypriot kids to take up the game, Baghdatis not only wants to become a Grand Slam winner in future but also has his sights sets on Davis Cup success for Cyprus with countryman Yiannos Hadjigeorgiou.

Baghdatis may not have claimed the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup as Australian Open Men's Singles champion, but he captured the hearts of not only his own nation in Cyprus, but also plenty more both in Australia and all around the tennis world.

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Baghdatis bandwagon rolls on after loss

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) - Marcos Baghdatis and his coach can keep their day jobs.

Baghdatis, the surprise of the Australian Open, lost his championship match Sunday to top-seeded Roger Federer. He threaten early before dropping a 5-7, 7-5, 6-0, 6-2 decision to the Swiss star.

"I told (my coach) if I win the Australian Open, I'll stop tennis," Baghdatis said, smiling. "He told me if I win it, he'll stop working."

The Cypriot with the boisterous Greek following spent two weeks in the tennis spotlight and will move up in the rankings from 54th to the 20s. He more than tripled his career prize money during his stay in Melbourne Park.

Baghdatis made the audacious pat with coach Guillaume Payre after he lost a first-round match three weeks ago at Auckland, New Zealand. But his next stop will be Cyprus for a two-week break with his family, then back on the ATP trail on Feb. 13 in Marseille, France.

When he returns, Baghdatis can take inspiration from his coach's words after the match.

"I'm 20 years old, and he told me I have a lot in front of me to do and it's not finished," he said. "There are a lot of players like me who want it so much and have the heart, have the fire in them to do what I did this week."

Back in Cyprus, the defeat did not stop people from pouring into the main square of Paramytha village - the home of Baghdatis' parents - under the deafening sound of fireworks, gunfire, church bells and music.

Celebrations also spread to the Aghios Nikolaos roundabout - the traditional venue for all sporting celebrations in Limassol - where fans draped in Greek and Cypriot flags chanted his name.

"The winner today was Cyprus, our country," said Baghdatis' father, Christos.

Baghdatis became the first Cypriot to play in a Grand Slam final and officials in Limassol are preparing a massive welcome for him. The port city's council has announced it will name a street after him and establish a Marcos Baghdatis prize for athletes who excel.

"We don't care if he lost, he is still a winner for us," youngster Kyriakos Theodosiou said.

Baghdatis had the edge to start the match, winning the first set and going up a break in the second. At 5-5 in the second, he lost the next 11 games and never recovered.

"He had been returning so well," Federer said. "Credit to him. He really didn't allow me to play my game. But he may have got a little bit tired, maybe disappointed that he didn't win the second when he could have. I got a bit more aggressive and it paid off."

Baghdatis said he started thinking too much.

"I wanted to continue being aggressive ... not to give Federer time to play his game," he said. "Maybe I was a bit scared of him. Maybe I didn't really believe it. Things were happening so fast."

His Australian run captured the attention of thousands of Greek fans. The president called him after his fourth-round win, and a local soccer team sent him a signed jersey.

His brother, Petros, arrived for Sunday's final with a song on a CD written by Cypriot schoolchildren.

In Melbourne, he couldn't walk the streets without being mobbed for autographs. He went from obscurity to a recognizable, smiling face who kept knocking off opponents.

He didn't plan any celebration with family and friends on Sunday night.

"I just lost the match, I just lost the final," he said. "I would like to stay in the hotel and play some cards and just relax a bit.

"I'm not really in the mood to go have fun. It will take me one or two days to come back and smile again."

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its a pitty that i was right in the end. as i said, i wasn't sure who i should support till i started watching the match. and once again the swiss commentators showed me the way. after letting out some bullshit and never appreciated marcos efforts, but just stated that federer is playing bad i knew who should win it.

krimas, but as it has been said, win or lose, it doesn't really matter anymore. baghdatis has shown what he is able to do and i'm sure we will hear more of him in the near future. bravo :nw: :nw: :nw:

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  • 3 weeks later...
SO WHAT R U TRYING TO TELL Us THAT CYPRUS IS NOT GREEK>>UM LAST I CHECKED IT WAS A GREEK ISLAND..LAST I checked Greece and Cyprus share the same National Anthem U KANGAROO HOPING MORON......I served in the army with ELDYK m*****smene.... DO U Even No where Greece is..

This topic is about Bagdatis GO CHEER FOR HIM OR ARE U BUSY WITH THE KANGAROOS!!!!

Last time i checked Cyprus was its own country with its own government with its own identity....

or r u that dumb that u cant Distinguish between reality and personal preferences?

look it up in a map, Cyprus isnt a greek island no more, ur people/government made sure of that... so how about u go ram some of ur fellow Muslim natives....

i could be half chinese and im still more greek then you... truth hurts doesnt it...

u dont belive me, then look it up...

Greek wanna be!!!!

Hollywood your outburst is disgraceful. Cypriots are Greek in blood, religion, culture, and mentality and the fact that the Western powers have forced them into a sham independence is irrelevant. The arguemnt you make appears to depend on place of residents. So are the Albanians living in Greece, Greek?

I don't know if your outbursts are just to win an argument with Bidis or whether you actually believe what you say. If it is the latter then I'm afraid to say that you are a disgrace my friend, and most true Greeks would be ashamed of your views!

:gr: :gr: :gr:

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Hollywood, if Bagdatis isn't playing an aussie, root for him, it'd be wrong not to. and before u call me what u've calling bides, remeber, i'm half-greek and half-cypriot.

IF he isn't playing an aussie??? What's that all about? Cypriots are Greeks ffs!
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  • 4 months later...

Both Marcos Baghdatis and Eleni Danillidou have made the Semi-finals of the S' Hertogenbosch tournament. Marco will face Croat, and favourite for the Tournament, Mario Ancic. Baghdatis will be out for revenge following a 2-6, 7-6, 6-4 defeat at the hands of Ancic when they met earlier in the year at Marseille. This time on Grass the match is highly anticipated. Ancic a tall (6"5), big server will be in contrast to Baghdatis excellent movement and formidable ground strokes. The winner will face the winner of Serra-Hernych.

Danillidou promised much in her earlier career. Although she is one of the best 'slicers' in the game her poor fitness and persistant injury woe has blunted her progress. Following a wonderful run at the Athens Olympics where she fought on with real heart, the highlight of her career came at Wimbledon where she upset the odds to defeat the favourite Henin-Hardenne. If Danillidou can beat 'wonder-kid' Safina tomorrow she'll be in line for a repeat with Henin-Hardenne if the Belgium overcomes Clijsters.

Victories at S'Hertogenbosch for the 2 Hellenic players will make for a very exciting Wimbledon indeed!


:gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Baghdatis has reached round 4 at Wimbledon, where he will face Britains Andy Murray. The Cypriot ranked 16 in the world finally appeared to hit form by dismantling 15 seed Sebastian Grosjean 4-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-1. Baghdatis hit some wonderful winners from various areas on the court. Hopeully he can maintain his form as he faces the home favourite.


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Great news!  :tup:

I've been looking forward to seeing him make another run at a title since the Australian Open.

Do you have any info on the date and time of his next match? Possibly any media links through the internet?

Hi file,

In Tennis, unless players are first on court there is no set time they start. However, he plays today (3rd of July) on Centre Court. The first match between Henin Hardene and Hantuchova starts at 1:00pm British time, the match shouldnt last more than 1 and a half hours to two hours max. Once they're done Marco plays. SO he should start at about 3pm English time. Dont know where your based but I think thats (3pm Greek time, 10am New York, Canberra 12pm, Toronto 9am). I hope that helps.

As for watching it. If you have access to the BBC it will show it, if you want to follow the scores over the internet:


If it doesnt list all matches, click here:


Hope this helps file. Just do me a favour, when Baghdatis is serving for the match, where ever you are, whether at work, at home, or even at a wedding! Find the nearest table, stand on it, light a flare and chant your ass off!!!


:gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr:

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I think Markos Baghdatis will qualify for the quarter-finals, god I hope. :hypocrite:

So I'm with you Ethnikistis! SIKOSETO TO G*****ENO, DEN BORO DEN BORO NA PERIMENO!!! :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr:

Edited by dark_horse
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SIKOSETO TO, TO g*****ENO, DEN MBORO, DEN MBORO NA PERIMENO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marcos Baghdatis comfortably raced to a 2 set lead 6-3. 6-4, without playing some of his best tennis. However, cheered on by the home crowd, Murray made more of a fight of the third taking Baghdatis to a tie break. But the gulf in class was evident to see as Baghdatis dominated the tie break 7-2, to win in straight sets:

6-3, 6-4, 7-6.

Now the paixtera, the giganta, the mangiti, the man, the warrior, MARCOS BAGHDATIS :nw: will meet Australian 6th seed Leyton Hewitt who overcame Ferrer in 4 sets. It promises to be an explosive match with Hewitt being JUST ANOTHER VICTIM!!!

MARCOS-OLE-OLE-OLE!!!!!!!!!!!! :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:

Edited by Ethnikistis
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Thanks for the info file,

They might show the match (taped) later today on ESPN2 in U.S.A. I'm not sure since it is not one of the high profile matches over here. I don't get BBC but I do get Sky Sports News broadcasted live on the Fox Soccer Channel. I'm sure they'll show a few highlights since he was playing a Brit.

So how many games would he have to win in order to reach the finals?

Sikose to, to ga***eno! :gr:

Geia sou file. First off, allow me to welcome you to the boards. I havent been here that long either, but welcome anyway! :)

Marco is now in the quarter-finals where he'll meet Leyton Hewitt (3rd seed), if he wins that he'll be likely to face Nadal (2nd seed) and unless there's a major upset Federer (top seed) will be waiting for the winner in the final! There are 4 major tournaments in Tennis (slams) the Australian is the 1st of the year, then the French, then Wimbledon and finally the US open. At the Australian he met Federer in the final and was quite unlucky I felt. After winning the first set and breaking in the 2nd he committed a number of unforced errors and handed the momentum to Federer. This time, hopefully his new found experience will get him through. For him to win it he has to beat the top three seeds so theres no easy route, but have faith... THA TO SIKOSI!!! :gr:

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Ethnikistis, thanks for welcoming me to Phantis.

Before Baghdatis at the Australian Open, I had never watched an entire tennis match before in my life. I was surprised, I actually found tennis to be very exciting if you have someone to cheer for.

The match against Federer in the Australian Open was a heart breaker. After the first set, I truly believed he could do it. Unfortanately, Federer's experience helped him regroup and come back strong against the young Baghdatis.

But now you can only believe Baghdatis has only gotten better, and Federer really can't get any better than he already is. If the two shall meet in the final, it should be a closer match than their previous encounter.

Believe in Baghdatis! :nw:

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Ethnikistis Hewitt is #6 not #3, that spot belonged to Andy Roddick who lost in the 3rd round to Andy Murray....

Baghdatis will face Hewitt tomorrow with a probable matchup as Ethnikistis correctly said against the #2 seed Nadal on Friday and hopefully a Sunday match-up with the 3 time defending champion Roger Federer.

Unlike the Australian Open however, if Baghdatis makes the final against Federer, he will not face the same unknown territory that he felt in his first major final in Australia, and I think that he will prevail over Federer in five sets.

SIKOSETO AGORI MOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :gr:

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Cypriots consider themselves Greek. We may have a different flag and government but our national anthem is the same. We have a different flag not by choice but because it was imposed on us due to colonisation by the British. A referendum before the invasion of 1974 showed clear support for ennosis with Greece: 95% infact! If you want further information go and do your research you stupid idiot and don't annoy others with your kafenio IQ and so called facts!

By the way if you look at the Cypriot dialect you will find many words from ancient Greek which are no longer used in Greece.

As for the pousto Aussies who gives a monkeys! They got big heads and participate in too many gay sports like snow boarding, surfing, rugby and cricket lmao! They want to win everything but when it comes to the one true sport, ie. football they are a pile of s**** and im glad they didn't spoil the world cup by progressing any further. Go Baghdatis!!!! :tup:

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Marcos Baghdatis will officially be in the top 10 after his preformance at Wimbledon. A semifinal Friday will be against the winner of Nadal/Niemenen after Baghdatis handily beat Aussie Lleyton Hewitt in four sets 6-1 5-7 7-6 6-2.


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