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2005 it was Bogut from Australia

2004 - ok you were right i thought this was the year when Milicic or the Serb guy got 2nd.....

point is non American players are having much bigger influences - growing, and beating the USA NT is further proof that the worlds level is really not as bad as they think..

also they do discriminate on non-US players in the NBA :tdown:

Ibo was never given a shot.....

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Anyone know if the tournament will be televised in North America?? Probably not here in Canada but what about the U.S.? Will ERT Sat be showing the games of our Ethniki??

Good Luck Boys!

GO HELLAS GO!!! :tup:


I remember for the 2005 FIBA Eurobasket they showed the games on NBA TV, which is on Digital Cable (and probably satelite as well) in the U.S. They also showed some games from the Under 21 championships. So there should be a decent chance they'll show the World Championships, considering it is bigger than Euro and Under 21.

If you can't find anyone with NBA TV, check out FIBA.com. I know they mentioned all games being streamed through the internet.

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Anyone know if the tournament will be televised in North America??

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Posted Image

Greece gather to prepare for Japan

ATHENS (FIBA World Championship) - Greece coach Panagiotis Yannakis is gearing up for another run at international glory.

The FIBA World Championship tips off in the middle of August and EuroBasket gold medalists Greece are among the favourites to win gold. Yannakis and his players faced the media for their official pre-World Championships press call on Friday morning before heading to the northern Greek city of Karpenisi for their training camp.

"Firstly, today is a most beautiful day because it is the beginning of another beautiful journey in which we will try once more to achieve something big with players who have a big appetite for success and love for the national team," said Yannakis. "From this and beyond, we want to work hard and we are in the best possible position.

"All our opponents know that we are the European champions but this doesn't interest us. What interests us is that we are healthy, together and prepared to make the effort and give our best at the appropriate moment.

"As long as we look our opponent in their eyes, play good basketball then I believe that the world will understand that this team has the right to stand tall."

Greece are loaded with talented players, and they are very confident - none more so than Theo Papaloukas, the CSKA Moscow point guard.

Papaloukas is one of the hottest players in the game after winning gold in Belgrade with his country and then leading the Russian giants to a treble of honours this year.

He was the MVP of CSKA's Euroleague Final Four triumph in Prague. The initial training camp this summer is to be shorter than last year with Yannakis preferring to play more games, starting at a warm-up tournament in Italy later this month.

"We wanted to take part in a tournament in Italy because we have good relations with the people there. We were offered the chance to gain some vital match practice," he said. "And moreover, certain things are already known so we don't need to spend as much time in Karpenisi."

Greece, whose first game at the World Championship is against Qatar on August 19, play the first of three friendly warm-up tournaments in Italy starting on July 21 with a game against Canada.

The Greeks will also play Serbia & Montenegro and the Italians. Yannakis' side will then host Italy, Croatia and France in the Acropolis Tournament in Athens from July 31 to August 2 before heading to China for a final warm-up competition involving Australia and France and a yet to be confirmed team from August 11-15.

The trip to China will be the point at which Yannakis will be forced to cut his roster of 18 down to 12, with six unlucky men having to put their passports away for the time being. From the 18 players that were called up the only absentee was Andreas Gliniadakis, who was given permission to try out for two NBDL teams before meeting up with his team-mates at a later date.

Yannakis has a wealth of talent to choose from in his squad with newcomers such as Olympiacos' centre Sofokleous Schortsianitis among several talented younger players who will be given their chance to stake a claim for place in the final 12.

Greek preliminary squad:

1. Theodoros Papaloukas, guard, CSKA Moscow, 8/5/77, 2m

2. Vasilis Spanoulis, guard, Panathianikos, 7/8/82, 1.92cm

3. Nikos Zizis, guard, Benetton, 16/8/83, 1.97cm

4. Panagiotis Vasilopoulos, forward, Olympiacos, 8/2/84, 2.03cm

5. Yannis Bourousis, center, Olympiacos, 17/11/83, 2.11cm

6. Antonis Fotsis, forward, Dinamo Moscow, 01/04/81, 2.08cm

7. Nikos Hatzivrettas, guard, Panathinaikos, 26/5/77, 1.96cm

8. Dimos Dikoudis, center, Valencia, 24/6/77, 2.06cm

9. Kostas Tsartsaris, forward, Panathinaikos, 17/10/79, 2.10cm

10. Dimitris Diamantidis, guard, Panathinaikos, 6/5/80, 1.98cm

11. Lazaros Papadopoulos, center, Dinamo Moscow, 3/6/80, 2.12cm

12. Michalis Kakiouzis, forward, Barcelona, 29/11/76, 2.07

13. Andreas Gliniadakis, center, NBDL, 26/8/81, 2.16

14. Manolis Papamakarios, guard, Olympiacos, 26/8/80, 1.90cm

15. Sofoklis Schortsianitis, center, Olympiacos, 2/6/80, 2.08cm

16. Michalis Pelekanos, forward, AEK Athens, 25/5/81, 1.97cm

17. Alexis Kyritzis, guard, Maroussi, 18/5/82, 1.95cm

18. Loukas Mavrokefalidis, center, 25/7/84, 2.07cm

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Who is going?

I will be in Hawaii, late August, which is half way there.

I am seriously thinking about it.

Anyone found tickets?

Third sale is for Japan only.

Sat. 19 Aug 16:30 GREECE vs QATAR

Sun. 20 Aug 19:30 LITHUANIA vs GREECE

Tue. 22 Aug 16:30 GREECE vs AUSTRALIA

Wed. 23 Aug 19:30 BRAZIL vs GREECE

Thu. 24 Aug 19:30 GREECE vs TURKEY

Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka

Hamamatsu Arena

This is the second closest venue to Tokyo.

Top 4 teams qualify.

Look at previous post for competition format.

I was in Athens and Toronto when we got fourth.

I hope to be in Japan too.


Posted Image

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Posted Image

In preparation for the FIBA world championships, Greece, the European Champions, traveled to Italy to play 3 friendly games against Serbia, Canada, and Italy.

Greece-Serbia 75-79/ A four-point loss to the 2 time world champs. Greece looked sluggish.

Greece-Canada 89-59:

23-12, 47-24, 63-42, 89-59.

Greece: Papaloukas 4,

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For America and Canada: NBA-TV schedules ONLY has NBA games. ERT SAT will show the Greek games. ESPN will only show the first round of USA games live. After the first round, they will show other games. I show the schedules.

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This article was before the friendly tournament in Italy:

Posted Image

Zisis (best young player of the year) hails Greek spirit

ATHENS (FIBA World Championship) - Nikos Zizis believes the great sense of friendship among the Greece squad is what makes the team stand out and could help it become world champions.

Having claimed the EuroBasket title with a unique blend of skill and camaraderie last year, Panagiotis Giannakis' men are now preparing for the FIBA World Championship in Japan.

"We are definitely a group of friends and this is possibly the big difference between us and other national teams," said the 21-year-old who is coming off his first season with Benetton Treviso. "From our experience at the EuroBasket last year, we have more self-confidence, we feel better together, and most importantly, we all know why we are here.

"We sacrifice our summer vacations because we want to be here and we want to win. I wouldn't even call it a sacrifice, actually, because we all want to play for the national team."

The Greek squad is in its first stage of their preparations for Japan at a training camp in the northern Greek city of Karpenisi. The hope, Zizis says, is to keep the atmosphere as natural as possible while trying to stay injury-free. Greece will step up their preparations later this month with friendlies, the first of which is against Canada on July 21.

"We are still at the first stage of our preparation for Japan so at the moment we are working hard in all aspects of our game," Zizis told the Greek Basketball Federation website, www.basket.gr. "The emphasis at the moment is to try and nurture the feeling that this is a natural situation but with the added objective to gel with each other as a team as fast as possible.

"We are waiting for the second stage of our preparations when we will start to play some friendly matches. Right now, it's important for us to stay fit and healthy and keep the good atmosphere we have generated already among the squad."

The only absentee from Thursday's training session was AEK forward Michalis Pelekanos, who is suffering from a fever. Giannakis' men will stay in Karpenisi to continue their training until Wednesday, July 19, when they will return to Athens to prepare for their first friendly tournament in Italy which starts two days later.

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Posted Image Lazros Papadopoulos

Greece prevail against Croatia in Acropolis event

ATHENS (FIBA World Championship) - Lazaros Papadopoulos had 16 points and Michail Kakiouzis scored 10 as Greece destroyed Croatia 79-54 on the opening night of the Acropolis Tournament.

Panagiotis Yannakis' team, the EuroBasket champions who are gearing up for a difficult Group C campaign at the FIBA World Championship in Japan, were knotted at 12-12 before Croatia coach Jasmin Repesa started making changes to his line-up.

The Greek defense tightened as Croatia lost their rhythm and went nearly five minutes without a basket.

Greece led 19-12 at the end of the first quarter and over the next 10 minutes took a firm grip on the game with a 44-25 advantage at half-time.

They still had a stranglehold on the game by the end of the third quarter with a 59-37 lead and cruised home over the last 10 minutes.

For Croatia, who are playing in EuroBasket qualifying games later this year, Zoran Planinic had 11 points and both Mario Kasun and Damir Miljkovic scored 10.

Greece face Italy on Tuesday evening before wrapping up their tournament on Wednesday against France.

Italy are in Group D of the FIBA World Championship while France are in Group A.


Bad start for the Italian NT at the "Acropolis Tournment". Yesterday night the "Azzurri" have been beaten by France 66-59, at the end of a game played not so well. NBA star Tony Parker (183-G-80) led France with 23 pts, while Mickael Pietrus (198-F-82, agency: Interperformances) added 11 pts and Frederic Weis (217-C-77, agency: Soresport) 8 pts and 8 rebs at the winning side. With 11 points and 6 rebounds, Angelo Gigli (209-F/C-83) was the best in Italy, that will meet tonight home team Greece.


Posted Image

Greece defeated Italy 70-63 and France defeated Croatia 76-69. France defeated Italy yesterday 66-59. Greece and France are 2-0 and tomorrow will play for first place in the Acropolis tournament.

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this team is awful... careless turnovers, awful shooting i couldnt even finish watching the italy game....so far im watching france and we have 8 points in the first period.....what a joke.


he was so awful yesterday i really dont think he could make some HIGH school teams here in the USA! (elite highshool of course) no agility no ability.....hes only called on the team because he is big and he is black (which is also the only reason he is made popular)


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Was Parker and Diaw playing for France in the Acropolis Tournament? I was expecting France to be one of the favorites for this upcoming world championship.

It's funny to see a U.S. team with SO MANY superstars, and to even think they might not win the tournament. The one big thing they lack is teamwork. Too many guys with huge egos trying to show off on the world stage. If they can get past that, they'll have a good chance to win it all.

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i hate the "dream team" with everything i have but i dont think we can beat them....they have a new generation and these guys dont waste shots like we do...players like James, Wade will be big... Supposedly theyre practicing too and on a tour...they will be favourites to win i think.

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The US has a good team but they are not a "dream team" like the one they had with Jordan,Johnson,Bird and the rest legends.The team that they have is young and has some a lot of talent but if any team plays strong D and doesn t waste many shots they could win the game.

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Some one had critized Greece earlier in the discussion about shooting poorly, and scroing much.

I think that Greece's stregnth on this team is defense, they usually have low scoring games. This is the nature of their tactics, look at the teams the played during euro 2005 and how they won. Teams who cannot score on them lose by heavy margins. We have to rember that international basketball is not NBA and most matches are low scoring.

Personally I think this basketball may not be as talented as the other teams in the past however!!! They have a great amount of depth, youth, heart and potential somthing unfortunately our soccer team is lacking from what I can see.

I think we will be very sucessful at the world cup.

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