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Who will win the Super Bowl '06


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Late season post here.

I don't remember when the season started, but I know when it's gonna end.

With Da Bears winning Da Super Bowl.


I know, but it's always nice to dream.

O.k. for real.

Looks like we'll finally have someone other than the gamemena patriotes winning it.

I gotta go with the Colts, their offense is just unstoppable! They remind me of the Rams the year they won it all, except they actually have a defense.

Who faces them in the big game? I really don't know any dominant team in the NFC, so I'll just go with the #1 defense in the NFL... mmmm.... Da Bears.

Anyone else offering predictions?

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I am a Dallas Cowboys fanatic; must be my years in Texas. I think they are a year away from contending although seeing them in the SB would be great.

Frankly, I don't see da Bears reaching the SB from the NFC as they have no offense to speak of. I think either Seattle or Atlanta will be there against the Colts who proably will win it all this year. My favorite AFC team, the Pats (from my Boston days) will sadly not have enough defense to hold off the Colts.

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I know, da bears winning the super bowl is just wishfull thinking, but you never know. Maybe they'll try to do something about that offense in the offseason and have a legitimate shot for next year.

"Next year" is a common phrase used by Bears fans. lol.

If I wasn't a bears fan, I'd say the seahawks will make it. They got a great coach and RB. But whoever makes it will have to face the colts, and that will not be an easy task.

Oh, and another team I'm glad to see will not be in it this year: the Eagles.

Am I the only one sick of those vlamena campbells chunky soup commercials?

I wouldn't mind seeing them win it all with their second or third stringer though!

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I'm not a big fan of American Football, but from what I've read in the article from yahoo.com, a Greek-American (Niko Koutouvites) plays for the Seattle Seahawks. They own the best record in the NFC at 9-2, the Colts are 11-0 in the AFC.


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In today's upset, the Greek owned San Diego Chargers destroy the Colts' hopes for an undefeated season. Great win for Spanos and company, but I still think the Colts are winning it all.

For anyone that watched the Bears take down Vick and the Falcons tonight, their defense certainly handed out the punishment play after play. :box:

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Sad news to break here... the son of Tony Dungy has killed himself in a suicide attempt. He was 18-years-old.  :(

O Theos tha sou filai  :(  :(  :(

Yes, what a horrible thing to happen, that is why (I think) Indy lost easily in their last game... they were not all there.

I wonder if this will continue and effect Indy, into the playoffs?

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The biggest shocker is Indy losing their first playoff game, I don't think anyone was expecting this.

The Steelers brought their A-game to the playoffs beating 3 great teams on the road, and seem to be ready for the Super Bowl.

Job well done by the Seahawks shutting down Steve Smith and keeping him out of the game. Their fans are absolute fanatics, it will be tough playing without them in Detroit.

It will be a tough one, but Pittsburgh should be slight favorites because of their playoff experience.

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