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Levadiakos vs AEK


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A must win for us. The two games after Sunday are going to be tough. But AEKARA is playing great. Lymbe is in great form and is going to work his magic again.

I would lilke to see Dellas play, for the last 20 minutes of the game. Get him ready for the second round.

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another chapter in the best selling series "violence in and around greek stadiums" (part 958'356) has been written. its a pitty that there isn't nearly one single weekend without violence in greece. just read that aek will get around 1-3 matches and this could even double because aek had already problems with violence this season. :(

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Not only is the fan violence a sad day for AEK, but also for Greek football.

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This really sucks... another dark day in greek soccer history.

i am ashamed and disappointed.

after we won the euro we were supposed to take a step forward but it seems that we have taken two steps back...

and we wonder why our greek naionals all want to play outside of Greece....

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Guest Protathlitis7

so how many tickets were given out? 3,100? and they still wanted more?

also what happened in cyprus b/n AEL and apoel fans. was it another left/ right riot afair?

btw a riot cop was killed in Cyprus. its not worth that s%$#!

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