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Draw for R5,QF,SF and Final - 2005-06


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EPO made the draw for the remaing schedule of the Greek Cup. here are the draw results:


Larisa - Apollon Kalamaria

Thrasivoulos - Olympiakos

AEK - Ethnikos Piraeus

Ethnikos Asteras - Panionios

Ionikos Nikaias - Niki Volos

Agrotikos Asteras - Ergotelis

Skoda Xanthi - Panahaiki 2005

Akratitos Ano Liosia - Aigaleo

In this round there is a songle game played, with the winner advancing to the quarterfinals. In case the game ends in a tie, there will be a second game, which will be played at the visitor's home grounds. If the second game also ends in a tie, overtime will played. If the overtime ends in a tie as well, the winner will be decided in a penalty shootout.

The games of Round 4 will be played on December 20, 21, 22, 2005.


winner Larisa/Apollon Kalamaria - winner Akratitos Ano Liosia/Aigaleo

winner AEK/Ethnikos Piraeus - winner Ionikos Nikaias/Niki Volos

winner Agrotikos Asteras/Ergotelis - winner Ethnikos Asteras - Panionios

winner Thrasivoulos/Olympiakos - Skoda Xanthi/Panahaiki 2005

The first quarterfinal games will be playd on January 24-26, 2006 and the return legs on February 7-9, 2006.


winner AEK/Ethnikos Piraeus/IonikosNikaias/Niki Volos - winner Agrotikos Asteras/Ergotelis/Ethnikos Asteras/Panionios

winner Larisa/Apollon Kalamaria/Akratitos Ano Liosia/Aigaleo - winner Thrasivoulos/Olympiakos/Skoda Xanthi/Panahaiki 2005

The first semifinal games will be played on March 21-22, 2006 and the return legs on April 21-22, 2006.


The Greek Cup final will be layed on May 6, 2006 at the Pankrytio Stadium in Iraklio

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At first glance it looks like it will be an AEK - Olympiakos final, but I would not be suprised to see an Ergotelis - Skopda Xanthi final either.

Honestly Ziaka it would be great to see 2 teams that are schockers in the final. I think that we're all too used to saying AEK OLYMPIACOS or PAO and so on... Lets put some pressure on these big clubs and see these "giant killers" do some damage..

Good Luck to all, and ofcourse it's going to Olympiacos Aegaleo in the final :blink: :D :blink: :D :D

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