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Greek Teams Failing in Europe

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greek league teams in europe are just ###### lately up--PAO, AEK, OSFP, PAOK (they will).........i think its time to boot out all these foregin "names" like Conceicao, Biscan, Rivaldo, Cirillo, Eki, Malesani, Sollied, Santos, Seric, Shurrer, Dani Velkovski or whatever ukranian..... etc s%$#! coaches and players that really dont do have as much as the greek players..........and go back to domestic players. They will work much harder and more likely to stay and add to the team....Im positive that theres better talent (or at least wil perform better) in the Greek leagues and in youth......

In greece we belittle ourselves too much...im sick of seeing articles about seeing what "ksenos tupos" has to say about greek matches- WHO CARES ABOUT KSENOS TUPOS??? or making a huge fassaria over Rivaldo who came for his retirement....or throwing bullshit rumors about Luis Figo....and acting like getting pounded by "the great brazil" was a privelige....its bullshit.

Name players are given so much attention and hype and there is an attitude that if the player is playing or coaching in europe they are automatically better..........and so we sign the ones we can get and they are all garbage! Name one truly great player that came from a big club! Sousa??? Rivaldo (SORRY HES NOT THAT GOOD GET OVER IT) Signori?? Gonzalez? CONCEIACAO??? BISCAN??? TRIXES. These players arent half of the attention and money they get!

The best players that glorify greece and really play, greek league have never come from big clubs........Vazexa, Djordjevic, Henriksen, Olisadebe, Alexandris, Konstantinou, Gkoumas, Nikolaidis, Lyberopoulos, Savevski, Saravakos, Zagorakis plenty more.

Clubs should quit pissing away money on "onomata" and to get fans they could spend it on MARKETING instead. beleive it or not it works. And buying/giving chances to more greek kids will help the ethniki and overall level of play in the league.

and if you want small examples look at Thun, Artmedia .....these kids are all locals that play as a team and play just as fierce and get results as teams with big name players....imagine if we did that with the even better pool of players that we have in Greece!!

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I am affraid the European disaster by Greek teams in recent years is just a reflection of how mediocre the Greek championship is. And everyone was banking on major changes in Greek soccer following the Euro 2004 success. Unfortunately bad habits are hard to break.

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Guest Protathlitis7

I agree, the mediocrity of the championship means we are satifsied with kostoulas, anatolakis, seric, consesao, pantos, morris

talking about OSFP specifically, the success we had in 99 and the QUALITY of football of that time was a result of players picked by Bajevicl Djole and Giannakoploulos

NOT players Kokkalis or Louvaris want! why not for one season let the coach make the team from a football point of view

the reason bajevic left was because of Kokkalis' meddling

I think the favouring of the big clubs OFF the pitch rather than ON the pitch contributes to this

I dont think hooliganism is as much to blame as people think it is. Hooligansim is everywhere in europe, italy, germany etc

another problem is the constant fixation on other peoples' teams. how ridicullous that after the 1-4 lyon and then one of the worst performance Ive ever seen in Barca that all we can do is argue about which loss is worse!!

I agree, there are too many foreign players....why would they give a ###### about playin in Greece?

For the good of the league, the mentality and the NT I think we should encourage youth, and GREEK youth. the uefa rules will help, when are they coming in???

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I think it is a combination of factors, many of which you've all mentioned. I see that Greeks have a laisse faire attitude and are not true professionals in that they take their fitness training seriuously, are students of the game or have a desire to be the best. I watch even the lowly teams in the Premier League and I admire that 'never give up' attitude of the players, the fighting determination to challenge each ball standing up instead of simply through a sliding tackle, their physical fitness and yes, their mental strength etc.

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Ironically enough when Greek players come to England, to France or wherever they are actually very good professionnals. They work very hard, learn the language - or in the case of English, speak it fluently - and don't give a damn about pressure as they sometimes face threatening crowds in Athens or Thessaloniki.

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Guest Protathlitis7

Ironically enough when Greek players come to England, to France or wherever they are actually very good professionnals. They work very hard, learn the language - or in the case of English, speak it fluently - and don't give a damn about pressure as they sometimes face threatening crowds in Athens or Thessaloniki.

lol yeah I know if I went from Greece to england I would not give a crap about the crowd
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Hi everyone,

You all raise interesting points. I believe Greek teams fail in Europe because there is always one major weak link! For Olympiakos its their abysmal defence, for PAO its Melasani, AEK have no balance, and PAOK are just generally a fallen giant! Behind these reasons though there is underlying problems:

1: CHAIRMEN: Too greedy and always meddle!

2: ATTITUDE OF THE FANS: One example is, the division between Greeks seeps into Greek club football. For example, Basinas and Kyriakos were linked with Olympiakos and the fans blocked it! They'd be 2 of the best players at the limani but egoizmo stood in the way. Another example is PAO fans calling for the head of the manager when things aren't going so great. Give the dude a chance!

3: ACADEMIES: This is a topic I've gone on and on about for ages! Our youth-system is a joke! Players like Tzolis, Leontiou, Castillo, Lagos, etc, are talented but there is no tool to develop that talent! If your son is a talented youngster the last place you take him is to Greece!


THE FANS: Although the attitude of the fans can cause problems, the atmposphere created at our grounds is the best in the world! Even at away games, the volume created by our fans rises above the home team's!

PASSION: Greek passion and spirit can take us a long way at times.

PASSING: Greeks are generally good passing players, enabling us to build play and keep possession.

The problem is that these positves aren't enough to take us to the knockout stages consistently enough! We need to eradicate the obstacles and quick, because the traditionally weaker footballing countries are catching up and fast. Soon Greek football will enter obscurity!

:gr: :gr: :gr:

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