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nobody should be rubbing this loss in, but oly fans also shouldnt talk it up before the match begins.. i hope everyone learns their lesson again....pao fans, dont rub the loss in...let the playing on the field do the talking and laughing...

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Congratulations to Paok for there tremendous victory over Olympiakos today

they deserved that win b/c they played a much more spirited game

the came out of the gate swinging by hitting the cross bar in the second mintue of the game

and were resilent in coming back after they were down 1-0 with Toure scoring a beautiful goal

instead of bitching they fought back and won the game

as for Olympiakos they didn't even looked ready for this game and once again i heard Kostulas making another mistake on defense

question here is where is Schurrer ???

he and anatolakis were a tremendous pairing last year answer that Sollied ??

wut the hell is up with Rivaldo i mean i thought he looked good in the preseason but it hasn't paid dividends yet

i think the problem with him is that he is out of position

its plain a simple

the one thing about this game that OLympiakos fans should feel good about is Toure's goal cause obviously he has got more offensive talents then i thought

i mean he has played more of a defensive role on Olympiakos

i think its time to put him on the right side where Rivaldo currently patrols to add more speed, energy and aggressiveness

i also think its time for Ribbo to pair up with Konstandinou

the only reason ppl haven't begun to kill Sollied yet is b/c of 2 reasons

1) for starters he didn't construct this aging team

2) he did bring in a pretty good player like Toure

basically he needs a summer transfer session in getting in his own players

that can play in his 4-3-3 system

anywayz Congrats to Paok maybe this win gives them the psychological advantage v Shaktar and the rest of the Greek league season

but hopefully next time we meet we will repay u guys by beating u in Toumba lol

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why not man? we talk shiit to each other..thats what we do...illbe back when u guys eat 5 from lyon....

because when u talk it up and are wrong, you make yourself sound like an ass...have u no pride?? are we not greek...why should we act like immature idiots...you do have a somewhat mature brain, do you not??
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