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UEFA Cup: Metallurg Donetsk - PAOK

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I think we have a good team, but we need to show some discipline. Two players with reds is unacceptable. Kostikos as a coach and Zagorakis as a captain needs to correct this before our next matches.

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I think UEFA pays around 500,000 euro for group stage participation, but PAOK is going to make more money from the two home games by way of ticket receipts and television rights to the games.

Somewhere I read that PAOK could rake in close to 2 million Euro for taking part in the group stage, something that Goumenos has been counting on. I think it would have been a very long season for the team if we got eliminated.

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Etsi na GOUSTAROUME kai ligo!!!!!!!

Oso gia ta lefta apo afta pou kserw sinolika i eisodos stous omilous,me tileoptika xorigous, UEFA,eisitiria ktl ktl to poso pou anamenetai einai gyrw sta 3 milions!!!!!

Megali prokrisi adelfia!!!!!!

PS. meta apo tetoia prokrisi fantasteite ti exei na ginei sta mpourdela tis oukranias...Den tha fevgoun ta PAOKIA apo ekei me tipota.....

PW pw pw pw pw pw , ti gamis# htan afto...


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first off congrats to Paok

the only unfortunate part for them is that they made the game harder then it needed to be

but u got the result u wanted

from wut i hearing the man of the match has to be your keeper

in away games u always need one of your top players to be your keeper

and by the way lets congratulate the Paok fans in the forum

i haven't seen so many Paok fans post in here for a game or for anything that matter for a long time

good luck in Uefa cup Group stage hopefully other Greek teams will join

and i can't wait to hear from u guys when Olympiakos and Paok play lol

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Huge result and UEFA group stage.

PAOK needs the $$$ and the success, both for morale and for a healthy Greek league.

Good to see Northern Greece in Europe again.

Best of luck in the stages. :)


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What an emotional rollercoaster game.

I was listening to the match on the radio and I couldn't believe my ears with the refs decisions in the 2nd half. Anyone have any clue as to what really happened there? Were PAOK's red cards justified at all?

In any event, it goes without saying that I'm glad PAOK made it through. It'll be interesting to see who they'll draw in the next round as it won't be easy.

Bravo PAOK!

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Thanks Stef-4 for the video, I appreciate it!!!

All I got to say is holy sh*t, Fernandez save our asses :tup: . Bravo Fernandez. In the meantime, we seriously need to work on our defence.

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