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Valentino Rossi at Ferrari in 2007?

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Great news for the sport of F1... Just heard that Valentino Rossi, the Italian Bike driver legend, is about to join Ferrarri in 2007!!! Not only that but the disgusting Schumi is finally on his way out of the legendary Italian team, with most likely to join McLaren (unfortunately we will have to put up with his crap in another legendary team)....

Anyway Rossi will be the perfect driver for the Italian team, as he is the pride of Italian motor racing... He is also very commercial not like Schumi and it is certain that he will attract loads of audiences in the sport as he did with the 2 wheel racing...

Anyway lets pray and see... :tup:

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disgusting Schumi?! :blink:

excuse me but you're talking about one of the greatest F1 drivers if not the greatest...

it's not him that sucks this year Ferrari as a whole team...

Jean Todt admit that...

so next year will be an experimental year for Tifosi with Massa and Schumi...

then when the legend retires it will be Rossi and Massa...

it would be wonderful seeing Rossi and Schumi race for same team...

you mean Schumi not commercial... he's winning €50M for ads yearly...



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Schimu and Ecclestone with their dirty tricks have destroyed the sport...

I agree with you on Ecclestone but not with Schumi... :nono:

Remember the year when Schumi won the title one point clear of Kimi... :tup:

Every regulation was changed to stop Ferrari and Schumi... :angry:

But they kept dominating... :nw:

Ecclestone tried hard to dirty the path of Ferrari... :angry:

And I think finally he achieved... :blink:

Alonso dude is gonna collect the silverware... :box:


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Schumi is finally on his way out of the legendary Italian team, with most likely to join McLaren

oh please, this silly season has become a very stupid season! I don't know who started this rumour and who idiot posted it at BILD, but Schumacher will finish his career at Ferrari!
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oh please, this silly season has become a very stupid season! I don't know who started this rumour and who idiot posted it at BILD, but Schumacher will finish his career at Ferrari!

EVEN BETTER!!!! :tup:

Lets hope is is this year!!! The Sooner the better for the sport!!!


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from f1-live.com

Schumacher ‘no problem’ with Raikkonen

As his team-mate at Ferrari in 2007

Germany's seven-time Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher claims he is not opposed to having Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen as his Ferrari team partner for the 2007 season.

The 36-year-old Schumacher has always been the undisputed number one with the Italian team - with a lesser known driver providing back-up rather than competition - but he insists he would not be afraid of having the capable Raikkonen as his Ferrari wing man.

"I would have no problem driving with him (Raikkonen) at Ferrari," Schumacher said in the Berliner Morgenpost.

Mercedes star Raikkonen, 25, recently denied a report in German newspaper Bild that he had signed a pre-contract to race for Ferrari in 2007. It is still unclear whether Schumacher plans to continue racing in 2007 with his manager Willi Weber revealing a decision would not be made until early 2006.

"Michael will decide between March and April 2006 whether he will drive in 2007," Weber informed Bild daily.

Schumacher lies 40 points behind Spaniard Fernando Alonso in the world championship standings but insists he is not angling for a move from Ferrari when his contract expires in 2006.

"I want to state that I am still happy at Ferrari regardless of the results at the moment," Schumacher told his homepage www.michael-schumacher.rtl.de. "I am also not thinking of leaving Ferrari and joining another team. To be honest I do not know how often I have said that but nothing changes."

Schumacher was recently linked with a move to McLaren - where he would link up with Raikkonen - after meeting with the team's sporting chief Norbert Haug.

Source AFP

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  • 8 months later...

Rossi says no to F1

24 May 2006

Valentino Rossi has ruled out a switch from MotoGP to Formula One, ending months of speculation over his motor racing future. The seven-time world champion had been linked with a move to Ferrari after a series of tests with the Italian team.

In a statement issued this afternoon Rossi said, "I'll continue, at least for the time being, to race motorbikes. Testing with Ferrari was an amazing experience - but I've still not finished what I want to do with motorbikes. I'm still very motivated."

Rossi has won just one race so far this season and lies eighth in the standings after five races.

Massa - Rossi move was never on cards

26 May 2006

Felipe Massa says that he never expected Valentino Rossi to make the switch from MotoGP to Formula One after the Italian announced he would stick on two wheels for the forseeable future.

"Many of the press expected me to say how relieved I was at this news, as there were stories that he could drive for Ferrari," Massa said. "But to be honest, I had not given it much thought. The important thing for me is to continue getting good results in the hope of staying with Ferrari for several years."

"From what I saw of Valentino, is that when you consider he is a motorcycle racer I think he did a very good job in a Formula 1 car," he added. "But I think that being a driver for a Formula 1 team, but not just any team, for Ferrari, is a very big step and he preferred to stay in his world."

"Honestly for me, it would have seemed like a very big step for him," he added. "To be honest, the spectre of Valentino never haunted me, despite what lots of people were saying. Personally, I never believed he would come to Ferrari. It changes nothing for me. I will just get on with my work as usual."

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