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Just received my season tickets from PAO. Problem is that before, that (before Tuesday actually) I also bought two tickets for the PAO-Thrynos game... So I will use my season ticket to go in on Sunday, so I have to spare tickets for the game...

I will sell them at par value (to use financial terms), 45 euro each (same price as I bought them). They are located in gate 29, near gate P2 in the VIPs....

Let me know fast...

P.S. Maybe the mouse might want them so that he can watch a serious team tearing apart the geys!!!! :tup:

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he he...

XXX, I haven´t bought a season ticket since 1992!!! The reason I bought it now, is that FINALLY we got rid of PALTO and BASINO-klapsa!!!! :P :P :P



Anyway I personally won´t shout anything against Palto.. After all he has served the geys quite oftenlly.... But I will shout against Adonaki-melos!!!!



O MANOLIS SE GYREYEI!!!!!!! :P :ph34r:

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