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... kai den 8a einai h teleutaia fora....

Ki omws...

Phillipou passed AEK BasketBall to Amature AEK

This is not necessarilly all good news. Phillipou seems to have left the club standing on its own two feet. No expensive contracts, lost talent, but secure finances....

Lets hope the new owners can build on that and take AEK higher.

I was always torn between wether to like or not the Phillipou way. But the truth is he took it too far for a guy not able to bring fans back. He should let the club in secure hands and move on

I hope Zoupas and his administration of AEK are up to it.

Zoupas (part fo the Cup Winners Cup winning team of AEK) was also the president of te Nautical Club of Vouliagmeni (where I used to play Water Polo) some years ago and has knowledge of how to run a club.

But Amature AEK and Basketball are not small issue. I hope he makes it.

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