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i'm not so sure about that, he did resign a long-term deal with aek a couple of months ago

Yes he did sign a long term contract, but that was to ensure that AEK got $$$$ when he left... and if no one wanted him ( :huh: ) then he would be with us for the long term.... But my thoughts are primarily for the first reason....
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I dont think so, we need a centre back to replace Bruno Alves, so i think thats exactly what Cirillo is for!! Someone would have already made a serious move for Katsouranis already so i have a hunch he will stay with us for this season at least!!

:tup:LONG LIVE AEK :tup:

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There are rumours that Werder Bremen are prepared to make an offer for Katsou.

Btw, I don't think the Cirillo signing is related to that as his best position is centre back while Katsouranis is best as a defensive midfielder.

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