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Check this out....


Brilliant site with great info about the greatest Tennis player ever!!!


1. Of course the 14 Grand Slam titles!!!

2. Go to Sampras Slam Section and see the road to these 14 Grand Slams... He has beaten great Tennis players more than once to reach to these titles... Some of these players include Ian Lendl (beaten him TWICE), Macenroe (once) and of course his biggest PELATH, Andre Aggassi (FIVE TIMES 4 were in the final of a grand slam!!!)


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Its a shame there is hardly any money in greek tennis, if there were Sampras could have been playing under a greek registration instead of an american. Same goes for Mark Phillipousis.

It's all politics my friend..... It's all politics....

:blink: :blink: :blink:

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I have actually seen Sampras's parents when he won his last wimbledon title and his father is actually 100% Greek....

The guy was very emotional at his last grand slam title and he was actually crying in the shoulders of his parents who entered the pitch for his last farewell...

One of the best moments in the history of sports!!! :nw: :tup:

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I don't know if he carries the Greek flag but that is not a measurment of origin... I know that he doesn't speak the language and I don't know if his mother is also Greek but his dad is definetly 100% Greek...

Also I advise you to see his girlfriend.... Great bird!!! :P

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