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Well I must say Im shocked........why? Because I think our squad is young and average at best. In saying that, we came from nowhere in the EuroLiga and were unfortunate to miss the 8 and we came from 6th to make the teliko and frankly did a reasonable job under the circumstances.

I was critical of him at times during the year but I didnt think it waranteed him moving on....

We move on as we search for a new coach....names being thrown around already are Kakousis and Sakota.

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I supported Phillipou and his politics for many years mainly because I couls see that he had to make a team able to support itself.

Sadly AEK fans do NOT go to see the team.

What can I say... this in parallel to the fact that the whole interest for the sport has gone downhill keeps AEK at that level.

A quite good level we can all be proud of but, well... not enough for AEK!

What I dont know is whether Philipou loses money being at AEK and if yes... HOW MUCH!

And if he does lose money, can the benefit of advertising his name and products be equal or better?

I dont know...

And I am honest when I tell you that I would like somone to buy AEK but I would not be sure for their intentions, abilities, hiden causes etc....

I dont know

I am very sad to see Katsikaris go

Noone is irreplacable. But Its the unchanged mentality I see that tells me soon players will follow again and so on and so forth.

I dont know... :(

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Katsikaris, principal candidato al banquillo del Tau

El técnico griego Fotios Katsikaris, ex del AEK de Atenas, encabeza la lista de los posibles candidatos para sustituir a Dusko Ivanovic en el banquillo del Tau Cerámica la próxima temporada tras la inminente marcha del montenegrino al Winterthur Barcelona.

Katsikaris, de 38 años, acaba de rescindir su contrato con el equipo ateniense, tras siete años dirigiéndolo, y después de hacerlo subcampeón de la Liga griega y situarlo en los cuartos de final de la Euroliga, debido a discrepancias con los dirigentes del club sobre las futuras necesidades del equipo.

Pedro Martínez, del Gran Canaria, ocupa el segundo lugar en la lista de posibles sustitutos. El seleccionador de Croacia, Neven Spahija, es el tercero, y, ya casi sin opciones, figura el técnico del Ulker de Estambul, Ergin Ataman, quien no da el perfil disciplinario apetecido por el club baskonista.

No obstante, también ha sonado con fuerza el nombre del serbio Svetislav Pesic, ex técnico del Barcelona y actual entrenador del Lottomatica Roma. El club italiano le ha ofrecido renovar y Pesic, aunque aún no ha dadao una respuesta, ha mostrado su interés en seguir.

Antes de Pesic aparecieron otras opciones, que fueron cayéndose de la lista por distintos motivos. La primera fue Ettore Messina, pero se desvaneció hace dos semanas cuando se confirmó su fichaje por el CSKA de Moscú para las tres próximas temporadas. Lo mismo ocurrió con el turco Oktai Mahmuti, que renovó por el Efes Pilsen.

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Well, not good enough for you, he seems to be good enough for the Euroligue finalists!

I hope he goes there.

He didnt leave because he was "not good enough" but because he seems more ambitious that what Filippou is. Don't be suprised if Nikos Zisis is sold.
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So, you really think that if they wanted him, they would let him go? I do not think so. He would not "sell" the team he has been since ages for money.

But you are right that perhaps they thought he deserves better, so "they did not want him" in this sense. I am not sure many share this view.

Now in Russia. We will see.

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