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yesterday there was an announcement about the work in osfps youth athletic centers. started four years ago with about 100 children in moschato no there are about 20 centers all over greece with about 1500 children. it looks to me like good work is going on right now. but if this work will really help our team will be seen in about 5 to 10 years. if we will get some players in our first team from these centers we will know that they are doing a good job.

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CH Thrylos ------

This is exactly what Olympiacos and the other clubs in Greece need. The top clubs in the world emphasize in their youth and their youth programs.

Right now there's the Youth World Championships that are taking place in Holland and really out of all the participants that are in this tournament, it's those that Greece has to follow in order to have our teams participate at this level.

This of-course is something that can't be done overnight but it has to start quickly and it has to be done correctly by EPO and Greece!!

:tup: :tup: GREAT NEWS! :tup: :tup: :tup:

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One of the few bright spots in a lacklustre summer has been the play of some of the clubs young bloods, Manthatis, Retsos, Androutsos, ex PAO skipper Goumas, who has coached all three for the U-19 Greek squad thinks especially highly of Retsos in particular. Seems like some good work has been done somewhere in the youth team. Our second list of youth players for EL competition can actually step up this year and make an impact, a couple have already, bravo to the palikaria, keep making us proud and sky may be the limit who knows.





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