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Welcome to the forums of the Phantis Club. The Phantis Club is a new service that Phantis begins introducing on Aug. 20, 2003.

This service will provide with a place where opinions and infornation on subjects of interest to the Greek community at large and its friends are exchanged.

Through the Phantis Club, members will have access to a broad range of services, from news and sports, to online games, forums and chat rooms.

Membership details and they way in which the Phantis Club will be operating will soon be announced in this area. The structure and the concept behind the service is something new and innovative for the internet world - as you will soon see for yourselves. Our goal at Phantis is to continue our contribution to the Greek worldwide community through innovation and fresh ideas, continuing the course that we started on May 1, 1997.

We are still exploring alternative method to best protect these forums from abusive users, as that has been our bitter experience from the previously held forum services. While this issue remains unresolved, new members will be admitted by invitation only. We hope to have this issue addressed in the next few days, at which point registration will open to the general public.

The Phantis Club Forums Team (in alpha order...)

Attilio, Evergreen, Irlandos, Karamurat, Kerr, Kostas, Lazarus, Nakassis, nightsurfer, Panionios, Stereo Sushi, The2ndMouse, Vaggar, Ziaka

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