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Syxaritiria apo olous tous AEKtzides sthn Ellenh..


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Kai ohi mono tous Aektzides..

To tragoudi borei na itan gia ta baza (alla autos einai enas diagonismos pop tragoudion..."metrias poiotitas" ti perimena na akouso tin Maria Kalas..:o )alla i Elenitsa einai gunaikara..

Pantos einai fovero pos tosoi anthropoi asholountai me ena tetoio diagonismo.. Alla mallon den xero apo mousiki giauto anarotiemai...

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zachos, I am with you. I don't understand this fascination with the Eurovision contest. It's nothing but a big marketing scam that has nothing to do with music.

That's not to say that I don't like seeing Eleni B), specially since it is rumored that she is a PAOKtzou.

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Re sis we are fascinating because Greece won.............. :P

And beside...it was one of the best Eurovision Conquest for long time....

The entertaiment was of high quality......

Elena and her team gave a perfect show.... it was a perfect peformance.....

* * * * * * *

Especially we in Phantis, which the most part has been born and raised up abroad...can be proud of the result..... look what "the omogenis" can give to the mother land....

Elena was born and raised up in Sweden...........

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