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  • 4 weeks later...

It's a problem. The only real solution is if a Greek player is wanted by a number of Greek clubs, they need to explore their options and not get lured by a bigger contract and the carrot of playing UCL and sign for anyone else.

Diamantakos, Goutas, Bruno, Bouchalakis, Gianniotas, Kolovos, Tzandaris and Karamanos can play for any other club but they sign for the Gavs and their careers suffer for it.

All these players would be better at AEK for example.

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"pssst......OriginalSydneyp******...how are your season ticket sales going p******s gie?? LOL"


Gavros7 it doesn't make you a tougher man when you bang down on buttons on a keyboard and bag people's mothers, it makes you a scum. Watch your mouth.


Angelo K (infe rno7) have a word to your mate and tone him down.

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Kala the title is basically already theirs before a ball is kicked majority of us know this no matter if they got him or not.


But for the $25 mill they have just received surely it could've been spent on a bigger and better name, that's my point. Especially after fatboy boasted time after time big names will be coming like the ones mentioned above.

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To say he isn't a good player is wrong, I like him, he did well in the EPL with a struggling side, just seems to me he was a last resort signing they could get with everyone else who said no to them.


If I was an Oly fan after all the promises fatboy has made I wouldn't be happy with him only considering the money they have.


Spoke to my cuz over there last night who I have told you before is koubari with Torosidis and Papazoglou and even he told many of their hard core fans don't go as much as they are sick of fatboy and the s%$#! he does, even he said Marinakis has destroyed their name. They all prefer to go basketball these days.

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Meli has stayed quiet about it all and done things behind the scenes, now whether it changes anything we shall see in time.


Alafouzos on the other hand has been pumping it through media outlets and not much as come of it.


Syriza promised so much to stop the corruption but again their promises were just about as good as their other promises, all bark no bite. Hopefully they have another election and get voted out....


But hopefully this season is better than the last few we have seen, honestly don't know how Oly fans can run around and parade their success when its overshadowed in controversy. Many of the mates I know who are Oly fans can actually see the truth the rest just go about it like nothing has ever happened. I couldn't support AEK as passionately if they were winning title in this manner.

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kathe fora deixneis oti den exeis myalo katholou file.



I know this is your only source and the internet brainwashed you.


Why do you never listen to people who actually know how things work in Greece? Are you that stubborn?

Lesson number 1: Everything you read on the internet abou things like this is to mislead simple people like you.

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