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The History of Kocaelispor

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Kocaelispor was one of the leading teams of the ‘Anatolian Revolution’ in the 90’s and has a history of great successes and achievements. The team was first based in 1957 in the name of Bacspor and was in the Provincial Amateur Division. However as the Turkish Football Federation of the time did not let Bacspor to play in the Second Division which they deservedly rose to, two smaller local clubs -Izmit Genclikspor and Doganspor- and Bacspor merged to form a club that would represent the city of Kocaeli in the Turkish Second Division and in 1966, Kocaelispor were founded. The club’s first colours were Green-Yellow but then the new Board of Directors led by the first Chairman of Kocaelispor, Ismail Kolayli, decided that the club’s colours would be Green – Black.

The first Board of Directors governed the club for five seasons and in 1966-67 season, some huge numbers for those times, a worthy 175,000 Turkish Liras were spent to build a strong team. The club won the Turkish Second Division twice, in 1979-80 and 1991-92 and up to now, played 14 years at the Turkish Premier Division. The biggest league success the club had was the 4th-place finish in 1992-93 season. In their season after promotion, the club shocked all the odds and led the league for 16 weeks, between the eighth and the twenty-fourth. But towards the end of the season the club showed a drastic fall in all-around performances and could only gain a UEFA-Cup berth. Kocaelispor is also famous for their Turkish Cup achievements. The club won the Turkish FA Cup twice, in 1997 and 2002. In 1997, the club defeated Trabzonspor in a two-legged final (1-1 / 1-0) and in 2002 they thrashed Besiktas 4-0 in a one-match final.

Kocaelispor is also well-known for their Youth Academy. The club has some of the best training facilities in Turkey and this has resulted in some great youngsters to come out of Kocaelispor Academy to be introduced to the football market. Metin Tekin, a legend in Besiktas history, was brought up in the Youth Academy of Kocaelispor. Also there are well-known young players having graduated from the club and going on to achieve some great successes. Serdar Topraktepe played for Besiktas between 1995-99 and 2002-04 and is now captaining Kocaelispor. Orhan Ak currently plays for Galatasaray and is one of the latest important crops of the club. Cihan Haspolatli who also plays for Galatasaray played for Kocaelispor between 1997-2002, from the age of 16 to 21. Players like Faruk Sarman, Nuri Colak and Kaan Dobra who have played for some important Turkish teams were also notable crops of the club’s Academies. There are some several younger players who are currently playing for the club such as Engin Oztonga, Omer Baris, Serhat Sagat and Hakan Arikan.

Still battling for a promotion spot in the Turkish Second Division Category A, Kocaelispor is a club deserving to be in the top flight. However, the club is going through its worst economic situation in history and this may unfortunately effect things. The current Kocaelispor squad includes some well-known players in Turkey such as Serdar Topraktepe, Ali Eren Beserler, Faruk Sarman, Kaan Dobra, Ercan Agace, Bulent Ozturk, Ugur Yasan and Engin Oztonga.


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We have come up just short again! The team was playing so well until the last few weeks and we fell to fifth from third when only top three was going thru! What a shame! Kocaelispor deserve to be in the Super League but instead up goes Erciyes to make the tally (Vestel Manisa and Sivasspor already qualified.

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God! This is just unbelievable! Unless Kocaelispor pay their debt total of €1.2M until June 20, the team will be relegated Turkish Second Division Category B! :angry: So ironic that Sefa the Bitch is nowhere whenever the club needs him!!!

:angry: :angry: Turkish Soccer is losing one of its traditional values :angry: :angry:

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Kocaelispor's new and experienced manager Umit Kayihan declared yesterday that the club would get the promotion the city has been waiting for three seasons.

We made really important signings. Kocaelispor legends Orhan Kaynak and Kaan Dobra returned. We brought back Haydar from Altay and we are trying to sign a few more players. I have worked over 15 teams in Turkish Super League and Category A and I believe both my and my players' experience will pay off come the end of the season.

With a new board of directors, Kocaelispor has cleared all of its debts to former players and has a cash budget of €1M to spend on players.. :tup:


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Kocaelispor's new and experienced manager Umit Kayihan declared yesterday that the club would get the promotion the city has been waiting for three seasons.

With a new board of directors, Kocaelispor has cleared all of its debts to former players and has a cash budget of €1M to spend on players.. :tup:


No hope yet again.. :angry:

We changed coach afer coach and the team is in 11th spot, out of the race for play-offs, out of relegation zone for the time being and aimlessly roaming in League A. :unsure:

Trabzonspor-rejects like Macit Guven, Mehmet Kahriman, Alisen Kandil and Bayram Toysal did prove to be zero-factors as the team lost its experienced guys like Ercan Agace, Kaan Dobra to fellow League A rivals.

Nuri and Faruk, the two captains of Kocaelispor, preferred League B football by signing to Etimesgut Sekerspor and our fourth coach this year, Orhan Serit, is trying to keep the pieces alive not to suffer any shocking results come the end of the season. :tdown:

All the notable teams that dropped flew back into the Superleague in one or two seasons (Bursaspor, Sakaryaspor, Rizespor, Malatyaspor is coming this year...) but it's going to be four seasons now and excluding the first year, we never came even close to getting promoted.. :angry: :(

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Kocaelispor are currently in Spor Toto Turkish Second Division - White Group, and rock bottom with 0 points in 2 matches. :(

After the debt of the club reaching an unpayable TL 19.3M (€9M) in June, the club officials prepared a merger with the other Izmit side in Kocaeli, Korfez Spor Kulubu.

But after all the players were sent to Korfez, and even the Board of Directors handing in their resignation, the merger did not happen because of a former club chairman filing against the merger. :angry:

Hence, the current situation is last year's Kocaelispor are now playing as Korfez SK, and Kocaelispor are continuing with 16-17-18 year-olds as they have no professionals left.

In fact, this is the whole Kocaelispor roster - 16 players.

Alper Emiral

Barış Civelek

Birkan Akdereli

Doğan Karakuş

Emre Akgun

Emre Kurtoğlu

Korhan Işeri

Melih Kacar

Okan Erdem

Onur Han Bilge

Osman Kandemir

Ozan Guneş

Samet Han

Sercan Usta

Sergen Yıldırım

Taha Bartu Bulut

The oldest player in the squad is Emre Akgun, who is 18. The youngest is Sergen Yıldırım, who is 16.

Meantime, last year's Kocaelispor players Gokhan Bozkaya, Gokhan Kolomoc, Engin Oztonga and legend Serdar Topraktepe are now players of Korfez SK. The players did not leave on purpose, or a sinking ship but they left because the club directors told them that the merger would happen and Korfez SK would be renamed as Kocaelispor FK. It did not happen, and this is the abyss we're in right now! :(

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