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13 year old joins Ajax youth academy


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This is AMAZING! This is what needs to happen to alot of our youth. No-matter if it's the great Ajax academy, or just a not so popular soccer academy of the coast of Africa.... :D

Our kids need to be exposed to soccer glabaly and that's going to creat more well rounded players.

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i dont think a greek player going to a football academy in africa will do anything at all- that does not need to happen. Greek footballing academies are worlds above those, most big african players goto school in France anyways...

anyways Ajax is probably the best, and the best part is that it means that big scouts are looking at greek youth for the future...

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I remember 3 years ago hearing a teenage Greek goalkeeper joined the Liverpool academy and 2 Greeks were signed from their local, eparxiaka Greek teams after being scouted (!) to Barcelona.

I dunno what's happened of them since then.

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