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Aigaleo v Olympiakos


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up coming match on sunday will see us facing off an Aigaleo team who as of late have been the draw specialists

they just suffereed a 4-0 lost to Villareal but they were basically of the tournament anywayz

good scrappy squad

Argrits man to watch

the game is being Played in Rizoupoli rite ???????????

if it is nice home coming

nice small ground till we truly came back home

i know Aigaleo uses it during European play not sure in league play

info would be nice

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well thanks for all u guys telling me this

and like pao fans wishing we lose to Aigaleo

i wish it more that u guys would lose to halkindona

Aigaleo nice young squad but Olympiakos must impose their will

i remember last season we played them at this time in Aigaleo and won a very close match with Georgadis netting the winner.

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57th minute and Rivaldo scores yet again:

Aigaleo - Olympiakos 0-2

bravo re boyz 2-0

now if aek or the green onions drop some points would be even greater!!!!!!!

What was it you said about eating your own words?

Nobody here has eaten more words in the last few weeks than you :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

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