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Olympiakos v Monaco


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Now is the team to talk about the huge match coming up on wednesday with Monaco and Karaiskaki

Olympiakos will be looking for two things here 3 points and redemption from the previous loss

Olympiakos looks really good heading into this game and with the supporters on their anything less then a win is unexceptable especially since news that Liverpool striker Cisse is out for the year and since Liverpool is playing at Deportivo this week Liverpool have be horrible on the road this year while Deportivo have become the draw specialist in this group

Back to Monaco they struggle and drew against Mariselle on friday

Monaco hasn't played strong away from home this season

Olympiakos will need to avoid a bad start and not let Monaco take the crowd out of the game

Olympiakos needs to attack Monaco they are shaky on the defensive line and but attacking they will neutralize Monaco's best strenght which is attacking

Easier said then done

Olympiakos will welcoming back Pantos after his red card suspension

we missed him last time up b/c we need his speed

Anatolakis i know for sure will be out b/c of 2 yellow cards not sure of anybody else not being available

please let me know

Lets go Olympiakos#1

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Olympiakos needs to start the game firmly. ASM scores most of their goals in the first thirty minutes... A solid back-line and one or two helping anchormen have to be fielded cuz stopping the fast and pacey attack of ASM should be Olympiakos' first destination...

Then the goals will somehow come in the secod half... I smell Rivaldo around 70 minutes and a 1-0 Olympiakos win... ;)

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monacos away record: 7 matches 10 points, 2-4-1 and 5-4 goals

at home 5 games 10 points, 3-1-1 10-7 goals

it looks like they arent that good away, but there offense is still a big danger for us. hopefully we dont get the usual start in a cl game and sleep for the first few minutes. if we score first or they dont get the ball in the net during the first twenty minutes i think we will win the match. otherwise it will be very difficult for us.

osfp - monaco 2-1 B)

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Is there anything wrong with Mavrogendis ??

B/c in the Monaco game he actually played the whole 90 mins

he was the only one playing in the first half

But i do trust in Bajevic

we are going to have to be attacking minded and i hate to have a mind set like this but we are going to need to foul alot just to slow Monaco attack down to make sure we are in our correct position.

Hopefully the return of Drodjevic in C.L. play will disrupt Monaco

P.S. re Zikos vale me ofto goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lets go Olympiakos#1

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We are nearing game time

get ready

U Greek Reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look we are not going to shut out Monaco but we have to score goals

i have no prediction don't want to jinx it

but i can't wait for Monaco to come to a charged Stadio seeing flares everywhere and singing and everything at Kariaskaki

Its time for Rivaldo to show is greatness

this is the reason we bought him

to be the difference in the European stage

Ribbo show some magic tonight "Samba"

Drodjevic is back too

Its time to take command of our own destiny and of this group

a win will do it for us tonight

Lets go Olympiakos#1

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Olympiakos make us thrilos proud today

Bajevic has said this is the biggest game of the season

With the charged up passionate crowd at hand make wuts right and beat Monaco

Too bad i am taking a test at this time of game play

i might get lucky to see the second half

if i don't Olympiakos fans let me know wut went down

Good luck OLYMPIAKOS#1

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