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kala, dioxate ton makarian giati epeze tsoukou-tsoukou, poios perimenate oti 8a er8ei, o Lipi;, tora parakalame na dei o soum kala to mats, eleos, pisteuei kaneis oti ginete sigrisi persinou kai fetinou pao? ena moris pirame kai pane na ton fane, o karagounis den antika8istate giati kata tin gnomi mou eitan DM pou i3ere mpala. "fantastite to sistima tou simerinou Pao me DM karagouni anti zatauta

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Comments in the forum are correct in saying that the Scottish League is a 2 club league, but so are most other leagues in Europe. The gulf between the 'Old Firm' and the others in terms of support and money is enormous. There will probably never be a serious challenge from another team before the inevitable happens - Rangers & Celtic join the Premiership. It is dangerous to judge their threat on the strength of the Scottish League, as they both have quality players (if not top class). Look what Celtic achieved last year against Liverpool & Blackburn. PAO should win if they play well, but will be punished if they continue to play as they have been. They will be a real threat on the break with the speed of Lovenkrands and the finishing of Averladze.

The Scottish press are building up the threat of violence at the game, warning of the expected danger from the 'nazi group G13'. They have told Rangers fans to beware of ambush in the bars around Leoforos. Is this all hype, or is trouble expected?

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yousaid you were imn Athens for some time (right? ) so you must know better than anybody in the UK how things here in Greece are...

However, despite the frequent problems among Greek fans, in the Champions League I think that they all show a behaviour close to perfect, both because the teams and police take extra care about it in order to avoid bad publicity for the country and because the club will get a huge fine !

I think that the place will have a large forcr policeing it too...

I hope the game will be gret and the best team will win without any trouble...

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You're quite right, I do know how it is in Greece. I've visited Toumba with 100 fans of Ionikos, been smashed up in Xanthi and was at THE match in Neapoli between Ionikos and Olympiakos!! I never saw any real trouble at European games involving PAO, AEK or OSFP though, and wondered if there was any reason they feared trouble at this game in particular. Is it because Rangers are bringing around 1000 fans?

When Rangers played PAOK a few years back, they were advised not to take any fans, but a hardcore of a couple of hundred went without any trouble. Hopefully it will be the same tomorrow.

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no scotland are only a 2 team league. in other leagues there are teams that actually hold the top two back and many of them, such as Mallorca and Betis in Spain, Newcastle, Everton in England, Hamburg and Bremen in germany. (there are many more in each league) but in the scottish league it is all wins for Celtic and Rangers until they play each other, and they are all by big margins too.

and sorry this bit is irrelevant but

1st of all dont bring up olympic security. it is an anti greek thing to say this. why the hell would anyone do anything against Greece? Also how many Al Qaeda were found in Greece? and from all the countries that are bitching about security and how unsafe Athens is, (USA, England, Spain, France, Germany) where were all the AL quada caught? in those countries that bitch about security, hypocrites they are... also does anyone remember the last terrorist incident in the Olympics? Atlanta. There were also no problems in Sydney, and people forget that Al Qaeda existed back then too, and commited terrorist acts just not on a 9/11 scale. and they were stronger back in 2000 than they are now.... also an event JUST as big if not bigger had no problems, the World Cup??? so why the hell would Greece/Olympics be a target now ? I HATE AMERICAN MEDIA

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Poa will struggle to win against rangers based on their current form.

If we win Shoum will have a job still with his Haifa reject players. If we loose and loose bad them its straight to the Airport and bon voyage!

This is the most crucial match for us, as if we loose them its bye bye europe for this year. If we win then this gives the team enough time to recover from Man U lose and get their act together.

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I read some really good news this morning. The pittyfull Konstantinides most likely wont start in todays squad, and MArcuw Minch will probably take his place! Good :tup: :tup:

And not only that but there is a rumor that Vlaovic will be the partner of Michalakis up front!!!! :tup: :tup:

If these elements do happen, then I think victory of PAO will be almost certain.. :tup:

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Any tips for first goalscorer tonight - here are the odds in Scotland. Who will start up front for PAO.

Dmitri Papadopoulos 7/1

Michalis Konstantinou 7/1

Goran Vlaovic 7/1

Peter Lovenkrands 7/1

Michael Mols 7/1

Krysztof Warzycha 7/1

Shota Arveladze 7/1

Egil Ostenstad 8/1

Ronald de Boer 8/1

Steven Thompson 8/1

Lucian Sanmartean 10/1

Nuno Capucho 10/1

Mikel Arteta 10/1

Christian Nerlinger 12/1

Silvio Maric 12/1

Raimondas Zutautas 12/1

Chris Burke 14/1

Markus Munch 14/1

Emerson 16/1

Pantelis Konstantinidis 16/1

Joel Epale 16/1

PAO are even money to win, 11/5 draw and 11/5 Rangers victory.

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KALH EPITYXIA ston PANATHINAIKO shmera, 8a thn xreiastei para poly efoson 8a pai3ei me paiktes argous sto kentro kai xwris ka8olou fantasia-typou Sanmartean- kai 8a einai to kentro mas poly provlepsimo afou den 8a exei tis epi8etikes e3arseis tou aprovleptou Roumanou. Elpizw h dynamh pou exoun oi zoutaoutas, maric, munch, epale na kerdisoun to kentro tis Ranger giati ekei pisteuw oti prepei na ginei sklhrh maxh gia na kerdisoume to paixnidi.

H nikh kai OI ba8moi einai epitaktikh ypo8esh an 8eloume na elpizoume gia prokrish stous 16...



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In previous CL matches Pao, has always done well against team of equal strength.

However we were also a team that had been together for a while, and the only difference was the man sitting on the bench. This year we are faced with multi problems. A) new coach,B) lots of new players.C) problems with the front office. The blending that results from experience and time on the field, for some ,and off the field for others, has not yet been established and with injuries to key players it becomes even more profound. I would not be suprised if PAO wins ,and I will not be suprised if he looses. I hope that the players are confident and loose. That they don't come out nervous and playing not to loose.. I hope that the expectations of the fans, dont influence their thinking on the field, and they begin to pressure i am looking for a well played game, with signs of cohession from the top-to -bottom.

:angry: :rolleyes: :box: :nw: :1eye: :la: :unsure:

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1-1 is better than 1-0. I don't like how we played at all today(until the end). When I saw Epalle in the starting lineup I knew it was all over. Thanks to Konstandinidis we finally got ourselves some pride albeit small. The next game against Stuttgart will determine our fate for sure. They beat United today 2-1 and will pose a huge task. If we have everybody back healthy we could do it. I believe the game is away, thus making Basinas and Sanmartean all the more important. Realistically I think we'll only get UEFA Cup at best - which with this team I wouldn't be too disappointed with seeing as to how we're nothing compared to previous PAO teams.

On the other hand, I think Shum owes Panteli a dinner, some liquor and a hug for saving his job.

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1-1 and Panathinaikos is eliminated from the 1st group

How are we eliminated? We still have 4 games left. I know it is next to impossible, but you never know.

Today's game was less than memorable! Too many injuries, too many mistakes, and a bad coach. We played better with 10 men than with a full line up. What was with Papadopoulos playing as a sub?? Pathetic....SOUM has to go..and soon!

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One all draw in leoforo not good enough. What about stuggart they beat united 2-1 at home. Doesn't say much about Pao who were thrashed.

I will give them the benefit of the doubt in relation todays result cosidering we didn't have our strongest team on the park.

That means that Pao must win just about every game, if we are to qualify. We must get the result against rangers in scotland

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No, no, no! No-way friends. What makes you think that we can go through with this team? Anything can happen? Sure, if you have only 1 game to play and with luck you surprise the opponent. Bingo, you go through. Otherwise, we need a strong team to play 6 games and we don't have it! period. We'll get 3-4 points, and hopping for not being beaten too badly.

Look, I've been a PAO fan all my life and I suffer when the team doesn't do well.

But, I cannot live up in the clouds somewhere.

From what I've seen so far: There is no cohesion, no glue, that brings the team together. Have many holes in our defense, and our strikers are dis-jointed as the center cannot feed the ball to them well.

It's not that we play well but we are unlucky. Please, watch the team as it plays the whole game and tell me if there is a smooth play and if you get the confidence that those professional players are at ease in their roles and with eachother.

Furthermore, I don't see a champions culture in PAO right now. From the management to the players and the coach.

I think we should focus on the Greek league, try to develop CONSISTENCY, and work out the kinks and put a team TOGETHER. Win the championship (it's about time) and built on this success for the future.

I disagree with many of you whose every other word is Europe. Yes, European play brings you fame, fortune and bragging rights. BUT, BUT, but, we've got it WRONG! First, we prove that you kick ass in your league and then we go and play with the big boys.

We're trying the other way around. "We play with the big boys so who cares about the other Greek teams". WRONG! WRONG!

Because, it's not we're exactly bringing in the euro trophies in, right? (like our basketball team) Then you can say, we're kicking ass in Europe who can affort to be less attentive to the local stuff. :whistle:

And, finally, ALL the big guys in Europe have already kicked ass in their local leagues, and their run in Europe is a CONTINUATION of their success! :box:

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