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7 hours ago, pash said:

That's a very well-organized list. I thought last year we had some good depth, but this team could put that one to shame.

Lots of options for different formations there too.


For fun, here's what I think is our worst lineup from that list:

-------------------------------------------------- Paschalakis-------------------------------------------------------

Konstantinidis -------------------- Malezas------------ Pouggouras------------- Deligiannidis

      --------------------- Kace----------------------------------------- Shakhov--------------------

           Mystakidis ----------------------------Pelkas--------------------------- Limios

       ------------------------------------------ Koulouris-------------------------------------------

Still not bad.

Ironically (or not so much) there go all those Greek players everyone keeps looking for.

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500K for Pelkas;;; That is outrageous... I mean Klaus was getting what, 200K for so many years before he actually got his 700K...

I really would hope that instead of having Biseswar with 700K, Pelkas with 500K, and El Kaddouri with 1,2M, get one super star with 2M and have Pelkas behind him.

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Agree it will be interesting to see what happens with Glykos.  He's a little unlucky with the injury as he'd finally after all these years of being the 2nd keeper at PAOK started to really become a pretty steady keeper.  I really felt for him when he accepted that award (forget what it was) and he got all emotional.

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Marcio Gonzaga de Azevedo signed to a 6-month loan. His jersey number will be 30. We will pay 50% of his Shakhtar Donetsk salary. His contract with Shakhtar ends in June 2018, so if we like him we can sign him for free at that time.

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The Chinese offer apparently came on Sunday afternoon just hours before the game with Olympiakos. They offered 7 million Euro to PAOK and a 4-year deal to Prijovic worth 4 million per season. PAOK turned it down and immediately renegotiated the current contract with the player offering him more money (1.5 mil per season) and extending his contract until 2022.

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I don't think Prijovic has any particular loyalty to us, but I do think he's smart enough to know that if he wants glory, he should await this summer's sale. He'll be hugely motivated to have a good world cup, and the chance of winning at least one more trophy with us is still high.

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Our latest signing:

NAME:                         Yevhen Hryhorovych KHACHERIDI
POSITION:                  Center Back
BIRTHDAY:                  28-July-1987
BIRTH PLACE:            Melitopol, Soviet Union
HEIGHT:                      1.98 m
NT DEBUT:                 10.10.2009:  Ukraine – England  1:0
PREVIOUS TEAMS:   Dynamo Kyiv, Volyn Lutsk, Olkom Melitopol
CONTRACT ENDS:    30-Jun-2021
SALARY:                     € 1,500,000 per season



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NAME:                        Leonardo Rodrigues Lima – “Leo JABA”
POSITION:                 Left Winger, Forward
BIRTHDAY:                 02-Aug-1998
BIRTH PLACE:           Sao Paolo, Brazil
HEIGHT:                      1.80 m
PREVIOUS TEAMS:   Akhmat Grozny, Corinthians, Sao Paolo
CONTRACT ENDS:     30-Jun-2023
SALARY:                      € 600,000 per season    (€ 20,000,000  buyout option)
                                       15% salary increase each season

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NAME:                       Chuba Amechi AKPOM
POSITION:                Forward
BIRTHDAY:               09-Oct-1995
BIRTH PLACE:         Canning Town, England
HEIGHT:                    1.86 m
PREVIOUS TEAMS:  Sint-Truiden, Brighton & Hove Albion, Hull City, Nottingham Forest, Coventry City, Brentford, Arsenal London
CONTRACT ENDS:   30-Jun-2021
SALARY:                    € 800,000 per season 




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NAME:                         Pontus Anders Mikael WERNBLOOM
POSITION:                  Defensive Midfielder
BIRTHDAY:                 25-Jun-1986
BIRTH PLACE:           Kungaiv, Sweden
HEIGHT:                      1.87 m
NT DEBUT:                  18-Jan-2007:  Ecuador - Sweden
PREVIOUS TEAMS:   CSKA Moscow, AZ Alkmaar, IFK Gotterborg, IK Kongahalia
CONTRACT ENDS:    30-Jun-2021
SALARY:                     € 1,100,000 per season  (+ bonuses)



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