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AEK - Gorica - The return game....


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Yes, a win with any score would be nice, as long as we go through.

I am very much looking forward to the game, and, as i live in Perth am going to the Plaka Cafe in Northbridge to watch, at about 2 in the morning i think.

We must not get carried away though after beating Kerkira, as they have just been promoted and are not very good.

I predict 2-1

:tup: LONG LIVE AEK :tup:

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Well, i hope i can watch it. I am still not sure if im going to watch it, let alone what time it is on, if it is on at all. I think it might be on Sentana, if we're lucky. All i am going to say, that if it is on, im going to watch it.

I am sorry OriginalMelbourne 21 that i cannot help with the television problem, but i am not sure myself what is happening. If i hear anything from the Plaka Cafe regarding the match and who is broadcasting it i will post the information straight away.

Anyway, this forum is supposed to be about the game, so sorry if this has gone off topic a bit. i hope to god it is on :P

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