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Fenerbahca is really one of the hottest teams in Europe in this moment ( I hope I do not jinx them by this praise)

You took one of my favorite players and in my humble opinion one of the best playmaker in the world right now. I am talking of Alex :hypocrite: of course. he was called in Cruzeiro the "Talento Azul" and since he left the team is in shymbles , more or less

I was surprised with his quick adaptation to Turkey.

In the Brazilian forum of Xtratime there is a thread that is called Fenerbahce Samba, there we have all the news, links to goal clips etc.

I recommend every fan of Olympiacos and other greek teams to enter to the site antu.com and see how a site should look, all the clips. the goals and even sometimes videos of a whole game to see in media player, without any pay . In the time of the match there is a follow up, (it is called "canli" which means live)

you just have to wait some hours after the game to see it all, just click on multimedia and than on "bu sezon" which I suppose means this season

You do not have to understand Turquish to enjoy

About CL games they are transmitted in the Interstar chanel, an open channel without special payment (Itis in the basic pakcage of my cables)

League matches cost money because they are on Lig TV, but yu can see them or at least the highlights in TRT1 48 hours later, or use the Antu com clips

I am also interesting in Olympiakos but I have not these opportunities to see anything, at least nobody told me about it :ph34r:

The way Alex saved you from defeat in the last minute is very typical for him' with him Cruzeiro won all the possible titles in 2003 (Well ,thaks also to Vanderley Luxemburgo that now is doing the same with Santos)

Also Aurelio is showing great talent, and Marcio Nobre appears when hey need him, (He also came from Cruzeiro. So did Ronaldo and Dida, among others) and a man Like VH is a real help for any playmaker...

As you see, I know the Brazilians, (And th famous dutch) now that is your turn to tell me about the others

I wish you a great performance in Manchester, like you did some 40 years ago

But please, do not let yourself b dragged to violence by the English hooligans

I am not against the English people as such' but some of them after having some beers are just untolerable. (sorry, I do not mean all the nice English gentlemen whose conduct is flawless , and I say it as a woman tha I am))

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mate, thanks for your interest! ;) i opened Fenerbahce thread but actually i'm a Galatasaray fan... we're sweet rivals you know... :D we have Flavio Conceicao in our squad but he's injured and will not be around for about 4 weeks...

i hope Fener wins @ Trafford but i do not see it that way... a draw will suit Fener perfectly though...

and i have to add that "antu.com" is a faultless website even though i hate Fener!

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As you see, I know the Brazilians, (And th famous dutch) now that is your turn to tell me about the others

the possible line-up against Man Utd is...

34 Rustu RECBER @ Goalkeeper

30 Balci SERKAN @ Right Back

2 Fabio LUCIANO @ Centre Back

24 BARIS Deniz @ Centre Back

6 OZAT Umit @ Left Back

10 Sanli TUNCAY @ Left Wing

9 Akin SERHAT @ Right Wing

15 AURELIO @ Anchorman

20 ALEX @ Playmaker Midfield

17 Pierre VAN HOOIJDONK @ Striker

11 Marcio Ferreira NOBRE @ Striker

You can watch the game on STARTV in Turkey but i don't know if it's available in Brasil...

And how's Felipe doing? He was awesome @ Galatasaray two years ago but he fought with the coach and then went AWOL... he's at Flamengo who is in a bad position in Brasileiro, isn't he?

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F. Bahce lost 6-2 to Man Utd at Old Trafford... Giggs' neat header opened the scoring on seven minutes. The prodigy Wayne Rooney doubled the lead on 16 minutes and a 20-yard piledriver from the same player on 28 minutes meant it was game over... Fenerbahce started with a good deal of offensive pressure as Marcio Nobre tapped in an Alex corner on 46 minutes to make it 1-3. A well-dispatched free kick from the hat-trick hero Rooney made it 4-1 on 55 mins. Tuncay's well-taken shot on 60 mins made it 2-4 but defensive blunders from Baris Deniz helped Ruud van Nistelrooij and Davit Bellion to make it a four-gap game at 6-2...

ALEMIN MAYMUNU KANARYA!!! :o :o :o :D :P ;) :angry:

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All goals of Alex in the league were late once, after the 80th minute

The guy realy awakes when it is necessary :D

It is a pity that Parreira, Brazil coach will keep him on the bench and prefer the "starlet" Kaka

Alex is much more valuable for any team' he can make a treasuer of a simple corner

Parreira himself knows it, it seems, because he asked Alex to asses for him the other Brazilians in Fener

Alex take this very seriously as he takes any task, and sent the coach a detailed report backed with videos and statistics, when he suggested that Aurelio is a good option for a rear position which is lacking now in Brazil because of many injuries

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OK guyz, Fenerbahce host Olympique Lyonnais tonite in their third Group game in the Champions League... Having beaten Sparta 1-0 and suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Man Utd 6-2, Fener definitely needs to win tonite's game as Lyon is sharing the pole position with Man Utd with 4 points...

Fener coach Christoph Daum also stated yesterday that they needed at least 4 points from the two games against Lyon if they were to go thru to the second round... i wish Fener good luck cuz Lyon is a team i hate -like Fener :P - but our coefficients need to improve cuz Scotland and Czech Republic will surpass Turkey if Fener and Besiktas don't get 7 points combined in their games... HADI KANARYA :o !

and my guess is unfortunately a 2-2 draw with Tuncay and Pierre for Fener and Frau twice for Lyon... :(

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The third fixture in Champions League for Fenerbahce was an important home game vs Lyon. But probably Christoph Daum was not aware of that fact...

The game started pretty poorly as Lyon took Fener on the defensive end, Fener was unable to create any chances... Striker Marcio Nobre pressed up on 5 minutes to grab a short backpass by Eric Abidal but Coupet quickly reacted to keep hold of the ball... But that was all... Having fielded two right-sided players in the left side, Fener persistently used the left channel on offense...

The first real chance came to Lyon when Sydnei Govou spotted Rustu out in no mans land and had a chip... However the experienced keeper was well positioned to save it...

Lyon started aggressively in the second half as they had two good chances rued by playmaker Juninho Prnambuchano. But the Brazilian scored a super goal on 54 minutes... A savage right foot found the back of the net, a goal which called the memories of Equi Gonzalez's second goal against Rosenborg.

A minute after the goal Florent Ali Malouda had a free header from three yards out but somehow he missed it... On 65 minutes, it looked home and dry for the French side as defender Cris broke the offside trap to make it 2-0 with a clean header...

After this goal, Lyon got back on the defensive end, but this was perhaps the worst move for them whole night. On 67 minutes hard-working striker Marcio Nobre tapped in a Sanli Tuncay cross to puzzle things at 1-2...

On 69 minutes, the game had a very crucial twist... A great thru ball from Tuncay saw Alex de Souza break between two Lyon defenders and his technique-looking chip was diverted wide by Coupet with his fingertips... If this effort went in then it could be a 4-2 or a 5-2 win for Fener and i'm not joking!

But soon after that moment, Lyon defenders absorbed Fener players in the offensive end. Nobre, Alex, van Hooijdonk or Tuncay were all helpless against a very organised Lyon defence.

On 87 minutes, Lyon wrapped things up with a super finish from Pierre Alain-Frau. It was a well-deserved win for Lyon and i am not at all surprised that Fener blew it yet again!!!

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Slump at CL but an impressive perform at Super League.

This was the 9th match in the row of winnings, 6-0 against Sakaryaspor. This score memorized the huge win against rivals Galatasaray in 6th October...

Fenerbahce plays fantastic in League, but at Eu stage i think some experience needed..

Things will be better.

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Fener doesnt have a defence. Servet is awful, send him back, the backwingers, they never defence, only attack. Also Luciano is never gonna be a real european class defender.

Fener must buy 2 new italian stoppers, Turaci in right, and Umit Ozat left can make any sense..

Think if there is no AURELIO in the team. Defence will show much more how crap they are...

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Fenerbahce bid for Nicolas Anelka...

UEFA Cup hopefuls from Istanbul, Fenerbahce have targeted Manchester City striker Nicolas Anelka as their new transfer target. Chairman Aziz Yildirim and coach Christoph Daum agreed on the 25-year-old Frenchman, who is currently on the gallows of City boss Kevin Keegan. Keegan stated three weeks ago that any club bidding

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Forget Anelka. He is not an option for Fener. He is a bad tempered man and may break down feners enthusiasm.

About Dindane?? I dont know much about him. I hope he will be like Nobre. But i think fener wont sign both.

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Forget Anelka. He is not an option for Fener. He is a bad tempered man and may break down feners enthusiasm.

About Dindane?? I dont know much about him. I hope he will be like Nobre. But i think fener wont sign both.

i have seen Aruna Dindane play with Anderlecht vs Real Madrid a few seasons ago....he scored and he was a very good, fast and threatening striker...

what is happening with tuncay? i heard a rumor milan was after him.....

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