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Kalithea 1 - AEK "ton 1000 Provlimaton" 3


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Favorites... How long ago that feels.

I can only hope that our issues both on and off the field will be settled asap. A new management system with scouting and player operations must be in control for us to compete at all next year (whatever division we are in).

I can only hope this happens soon.

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Quite an uneventful game from the sounds of things. Its a bit tough to get much coverage when you have two critical games going on and you got a northern derby. But still....

We had about 4-5 of us from OM21 gathering and we chucked on ERA with some loud speakers at a mates....always good to here us score.....

My only concern: How come he didnt give Kostis at least 5 minutes knowing that there is every chance he wont be there next year? :angry: :(

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