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I heard last night the "5o Hmichrono"...through the "Voice of Greece"

As per the statement of that journalist and my own observations, I took the following considerations:

1. Is nearly sure that Demis will take over AEK

2. Demis is favorising OAKA as the home ground...., and therefore he wants to sell

....at least 10.000 Saison - Tickets in the pre-saison....

3. The Journalist said...if Demis takes AEK over....nobody would imagine...that he takes

.... the club over in order to crab his hands into AEK's Treasury....if Demis as the boss will bring his sacrifiices..., so many AEKtzides...will do the same...and this new spirit should give a burst into a positive future.....as we could see a very united club...

I think, with a boss, who knows football and can also take good technical decisions....

the technical decisions, won't be taken by the person with biggest wallet....but the decision will be taken by the person with good knowledge of football......this would be something new in Greece...and AEK will take the lead as a pioneer club..

Therefore in the future....bad transfers...could become a rarity at AEK

4. The Journalist said....the AEK that he sees for next saison, can't compete for the championship....... as the first main would be to stabilize the finances in order to be an independent and a debtfree club......and not to forget with AEKtzides sto timoni..,who intend to build the new stadium in the next 2 years......

I can leave very good with the above, as the above circumstances...are much more worth...than 5 consecutive championships in the next 5 years

5. The reason that AEK would not be able to compete for the summit...are the salary - cuts...with a possible Exodus of the good players.....

6. But as it looks Katsouranis...will stay....despite the Salary Cuts...as he already spoke with Demis......and around Katsouranris as the leader , they will build a new young team.....

7. And for my understanding, we need young, hungry , dynamic players.....that was our weak point this saison...."play intension".............and it is very important that we can get finally a good Goal Keeper........

8. I think when you don't expect the good results, but you have a healthy environment ....in the club (I hate to talk about this freaking PAE's)....then the good results come automatically...

9. The Journalist then talked about Dumitrescu.....and he said that this person is a very congenial....person....and what he said from the beginning made him....that many people love him...not only AEKtzides..........and the players.....but also many other people.....

10. I would like very much...that Demis would keep Dumitrescu......when a person comes here and gives everything without getting a salary at the moment....yet his communication is far more than professional....and his engangement is more than exemplary.....then he deserves a new chance with the new beginning......and I don't hope that the new leadership will show ingrate towards Dumitrescu......

Because the good environment starts and ends always with respect towards your fellow men....


PS. Kai opios mas sfaxi ...sto mellon sta hmitelika....tha ton kourepsoume ta mousi B)

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And as per "Sport Time" of today......

The contracts that are seen for a cut are :

Zagorakis, Lakis, Kapsis (too much injuries lately), Lyberopoulos, Petkov, Ivic (hmmm..)

The contracts that will remain unchanged:

Katsouranis, Xiotis (amaaaan arxisoune ta sikletia), Abonsah, Moras, Rousev, Georgeas....

The contracts that can't be kept are:

Tsartas, Okkas, Kasapis

Then as per "Score Time" of today:

There is an agreement between Demis and Lyberopoulos for a new 1 + 3 years contract.........

SOON EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD......kai opios mas sfaxi sta hmitelika...tha ton kopsoume ta mousi..... <_<

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Interesting reading.....I will add my personal goals for the coming season:

+ Title (At the end of the day, PAO and OSFP still arnt THAT far in front of us to suggest that we can not take it......in saying that, its not HIGH perogative);

+ Coach stabalization......sadly Bajevic was the first coach since himself to complete two full pre-seasons (correct? not 100%). We need a coach to be there for 2-3 years, further more, I am a big fan of Ntoumi.....maybe we should really consider keeping him;

+ Hunger....I want to see the hunger and intensity that drove the team in the 3-peat to return;

+ Fans....Full stadiums and getting decent averages.

About the contracts, well its a sad state of affairs but I have now come to grips with it. We have cuts that need to be made and well we need to unfrotunately force these, whether they like it or not. Here is my opinions on some:

+ Teo, signed a new deal at start of year, needs to cut bc he is getting older;

+ Lakis, poor guy has been hounded about this all year...really feel for the guy;

+ Kapsis, I think he is overated for his return at his ENTIRE time at AEK, definately choppy choppy;

+ Lybe, poor guy...just comes to a cash-ridden club and is forced to cut. Lucky he is like Demi and is genuine, DYING FOR HIM TO STAY;

+ Petkov, apart from this year he has not returned value for cash, CUT...

+ Ivic, why we signed him on a 3 year deal at the beginning of this season is beyond me......CUT;

+ Tsartas will take a pay cut;

+ Okkas, he will cause some friction, will be red-hot to leave;

+ Kassapis could be gone.....is getting on and well with Popov coming up through the ranks, is there a place for the legend?

Borbokis, Kreik are basically gone.....contracts are up. I would assume Kostenoglou is in the same boat. Not quite sure of the Nails situation but I feel for him as well.

Now there is a lot of money in there that is going to get cut. Heres hoping that the players are genuine like Lybe and follow suit and help this club out. Pay-cuts or not we have some talent up there, and we should be still challenging next year with a lot of new blood as well.

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Till yesterday Enic & Netmed did not yet sign the famous and "mysterious" - Arthro 44.., a contract between the creditors and the debitor....., which leads to an agreement for debt cuts. Recognised by Greek Commercial Law. The Contract once signed is irrevocable.

There are rumors about debt cuts between 70% - 90%...... Demis is hoping for 95 %.. (As per SportAction.gr... Demis is even going for the 99%.....something on which the Dutch don't agree)....

But still 70% to 90% debt cuts would be very, very good....... I think Demis is negociating with strategy on this issue....


O Kapsis katethese prosfygi.......

This guy's best saison was 2002 / 2003.........as soon as he got the good contract....he is facing again and again injuries.....(due to his age) and he lost his playing rythm.....

The scene that underlines the above ...happened at Toumba .......where due a Lakis error (wrong back pass).... the PAOK forward is mariching outside our penalty box area towards our goal....... Kapsis was nearby....

Kapsis of 2002 / 2003 would have picked the ball easily.......but due to his injuries he lost the playing rythm...and the dash......... he comes a bit to late..... fouls..., gets red..., and Salpigis scores by freekick the 2 : 3

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The delay for the deal conclusion.....could be in connection with a possible participation in the CL.........

As AEK has written off this possibility....but due to a bad series of PAOK....there is again a theoretical chance........

Should PAOK win this Sunday, so the deal might be signed very soon.

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Funny that....catch 22, we want to make CL for the obvious reasons but we also want this deal done asap.

Regarding Kapsis, Im not actually bothered he will leave. He has been there a long time and in that time he played one good season, the rest....well you want to leave, leave.....we only want people who want to play for the club.

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Let's talk what for possibilities we have for the next saison under condition that ownership goes as we wish.....

It's not impossible that we get back Nikolaidis ......in the forward line..... (although he said, that if he continues to play...so only abroad)

And you heard it first here..... why not enforce the defense with Antzas... ..

I think he's too young for the Greek 3rd division.

Kassapis , Borbokis should get a nice farewell...... they are getting slowly old......

So we need next to Popov another young and strong back for the other side....plus a dynamic midfielder..... and a good goalkeeper....... and no more shitty referees......

then we could be top again....

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And you heard it first here..... why not enforce the defense with Antzas... ..

I actually dont mind that idea....speaking to Peristeri21 yday I actually said that we arnt that far off it.

Obviously farewells must go to those who are on the wrong side of 33 and that is Borbokis, Kostenoglou and Kassapis. They dont offer us what we require. Having Kapsis, Moras, Antzas, Abonsah and a kid in there would fill our central defensive position with Popov on the left and even Georgeas who was having a good start to the season on the right. You have Kappos there as well and Im sureyou have some kids in there.

Our strike-force I beleive is more than fine. Depending on if we sell Okkas, having JUST Nails, Lybe and Ivic wouldnt go astray....more than competent.

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