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O Bajevic gia Limani pai na salpari....


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its always the same. as soon as the team loses first place they kick out the coach and try to find a new one. IF he manages to get the title he stays until the next saison up to the point where the team loses first place and so on and on...

kokkalis gave a lot to the team but he also made loads of mistakes. lets see what he is going to do now. protasof isnt that bad, but unfortunately he just doestn have that much experience. i think it will be the same again, that we will get a new coach, win most of the remaining matches and kick him out again next saison.

to get the title again will be more difficult than the last years. we might get or not. i think everything is still open.

i hope it'll be like in 2001...

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You know what's sad about all this everyone?

How come Man U doens't go out and fire Sir Alex? They have not been in good form in the past 4 games, Should the owner then go ahead & get rid of home because they lost to Man City?

That's the problem w/ Greek Soccer. I trully think that OSFP will win the title again and will win it next year in Karaiskaki... Everyone needs to RELAX. So what! We lost to measly little AEK... Hey they're going to owe us one of these days. They're lucky we made it interesting for them to get back into Europe..

Anyways, We shouldn't get rid of Protasof, and DEFINTELY thinkk that we should not get Bajevic.. Let the team go through the season win another one and look in the offseason for a coach and keeo Protasof as a double assistant.

Right now we need to take one week at a time and win the remaiining games on the schdule...


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And the new Olympiakos coach, at least temporarily, is Sinisa Gogic.

:lol: Ooops.... there goes Kokkalis surprising Everyone again!

Jesus! Even my Grandmother could have predicted that!

I reverse dear Abi's words and say that losing 8 championships to this President is simply pathetic for any team ... ;) :lol: :ph34r:

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